Writing Prompt: Day 262

262.jpgDay 262 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Would you rather write about the victim or the villain?

Shannon: “I’m not running anymore,” she slammed her hands against another door that wouldn’t open for her. She turned around to face me, without one cry for help. As I moved closer, she didn’t attempt to charge, and I could tell by the look in her eyes she had no intention to trick me. “You want to hurt me, go ahead,” she pushed my chest.

Though my own instincts wanted to snap her arm, I was having a hard time understanding her reaction. She was different than most of my victims.

“Just do it,” she screamed, and as I looked closer into her eyes, I realized I didn’t want to kill this one.

Erin: The thing about the dark world was that they never played fair. In their capturing of me they read my mind, took over my body, even wiped the memories that didn’t suit them. The last fact I found out later on. I used to think of myself as a strong person and a survivor. But they took advantage of my mortality, they made me hopeless, they made me a victim.

Make your character good or evil.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 262

  1. “We have to face him, Finn,” Josh says.
    “N-No,” Finn says, “just us? You and me?”
    “Yes,” Josh says, “August is too injured to help us. And Electrus would only use his Ghostband against him.”
    “She still needs to learn more self-defense before she can use it in the field.”
    “Rick? Jacey?”
    “Rick needs to help us from here, and Jacey is too tired from the last battle,” Josh finishes. He puts a hand on Finn’s shoulder, “We can do this, Finn. But we need to know what we are doing before finding him.”
    Finn nods.
    “I don’t have tech for him to manipulate, and your constructs can’t be taken apart or used against you. We are the only ones standing between him and what he wants.”
    Finn looks up and nods once, determines to re-assert his place in the team; even though he doesn’t need to.


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