Writing Prompt: Day 263

263Day 263 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what happens when the seasons change in the world you create.

Erin: The crops died on the eve of each season change. After the day of darkness, the new varieties would sprout. I hated only getting my favorite foods when the 5ith of the year aligned with my stomach.

Shannon: You could always tell the seasons were changing when the ground started shaking. It would start as a low rumble as the land prepared to switch out the seasons. Did I mention the seasons are artificial here? Sometimes I wonder how different they would be if they were real. People tell me real plants are a lot less colorful, but they have an essence that can’t be captured by any other means. An essence I may never feel.

Seasons are a changin’.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 263

  1. (Not a literal season change, but more of my character entering a new ‘season’ of her life. And it isn’t a good one.)

    Josh drives the car to the ‘Ranch’ with his brother in the passenger seat. August is staring out at the fields and occasional farmhouse they pass. “We saw her before.”
    “I know.”
    “Do you really think she’ll want us to come?” August asks, looking at his older brother.
    “…Yeah. We’re her friends.”
    “You mean you are her friend.”
    “Who says you aren’t?“
    “Josh, we can’t stand each other,” August reminds.
    “Then how is it I convinced you to come with me?” Josh asks, giving August a side look before turning back to the road.
    August doesn’t answer. “…We’re almost there.”
    Sure enough, the trees signaling the entrance to the satellite dome come into view. They pass through the invisible wall and the house, barn, and garage appear, a tree in the center of the gravel patch between them.
    Josh parks and gets out. August is slower, but does so as well. Josh looks around.
    “It’s quiet.”
    “Did you expect her to be moving?” August asks.
    “Well… no. But… she wasn’t supposed to be here alone,” Josh says. “Ever.”
    He heads into the house. August goes to the barn. Both convene back at the car, coming up empty on anybody.
    August sees his brother start to panic, “Captain Rogers might know where she is.”
    “Right, I’ll call him.” Josh takes out his phone and dials. He waits a little, then says, “Captain Rogers? … Yes. Um, August and I just got to the upstate- well, the… anyway, Heather isn’t here. No one is.”
    Josh listens to Steve for a few minutes, then thanks him and hangs up.
    August waits for an explanation, “…Well?”
    “Heather, uh…” Josh sighs, “she moved back home. A couple days ago, actually.”
    “She’s in Minnesota, at her grandparents’ farmhouse. She didn’t want to stay here. Steve drove her himself.” Josh looks at the car.
    August can see the wheels turning. “No. We can’t go see her. Going upstate is one thing, but a day’s drive just to ‘see’ her?” August shakes his head.
    Josh knows he’s right. “I’m just… I’m worried about her.”
    “She’s been through a lot, I know-”
    “Not just that.”
    Josh sighs, then walks back into the house. He comes out with two items; Heather’s phone, and her guitar. “She left these behind.”


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