Writing Prompt: Day 271

271 (1)Day 271 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what your character decorates with.

Erin: There are times I like to do things the hard way. Decorating is one of those things. I like to scrounge around the thrift shop for hidden gems. Not the kind that are so perfect the project ends there. I like to pick the items that require paints and embellishments until it starts to cost the same price buying it new would have cost. When I look around my space I don’t just see the pretty though, I see the memories.

Shannon: She was a DIY fanatic, so every decoration in her house was sprinkled with her creativity. Though she wasn’t an amazing artist, she was proud of everything she created. Each piece had a story. It had a heart.

What decorations make your character happy?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 271

  1. There isn’t usually a disagreement within the Evert home, but the one that is predicable every year is for Halloween: how they will decorate the yard.
    A few years, Mikio draws the line and decides what they’ll decorate with, but other years, the boys once again compromise to take half the yard for each of their themes.
    Josh uses the typical, and almost comical, decorations. He carves pumpkins, puts out glowing skeletons, and hangs spiderwebs in the tree. The last one is only when he gets that side of the yard.
    August, on the other hand, keeps to his theme of medieval decorations. It’s more realistic looking, with fallen knight skeletons, fake swords, a fog machine, and even a few fake solid pools of blood.
    Kids tend to stick to Josh’s side of the lawn on the way to the door, but the older trick-or-treaters get pictures in August’s side.
    There are very few years that only one chooses the theme. That’s only if the other owed them a big favor. Or the Halloween after the Snap. August decorated in Josh’s name.


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