Writing Prompt: Day 272

272Day 272 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Describe a smell.

Shannon: I was following a sweet smell in the air, and I had to know which stand it was coming from. The only problem was the fair was filled with food options, and all the scents were blurring together. I just had to focus on one, that one smell, and I was sure I’d fine it.

Erin: I never knew a person could smell like home until I met him.

Can you smell that smell?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 272

  1. “Now, how is my city-raised brother doing in the country?” Josh asks, “I’ve also been worrying about you, since you haven’t called.”
    August runs his hand through his hair, “I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.”
    “School, training, stuff, trying to get through to Heather.”
    “What stuff?”
    “Work,” August says with a smirk.
    “Gus! Don’t do that! What do you do on the farm?”
    “I help with cleaning machines, and I help in the house a little. Tried getting eggs from the chickens once. And…” August holds off for a bit, so he knows Josh is on the edge of his seat, “I help with the horses.”
    “You and horses?” Josh asks, laughing. He calls into a different room to tell their mother. August doesn’t understand her response since she isn’t near the phone, but he has a hunch it’s more teasing.
    “They aren’t so bad,” August admits, “but the place stinks to high heaven.”
    “Even in winter?”
    “I can’t compare yet, but I doubt I could ever get used to it,” August wrinkles his nose at the mere mention of horse manure.
    “Maybe I can smell it for myself someday,” Josh states.
    August chuckles, “I doubt you’ll like it.” But really, he hopes Josh will come. Then he’ll see just how, broken, Heather became.


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