Writing Prompt: Day 273

273.jpgDay 273 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a treasure hunt.

Erin: By the time I got to the last location in the hunt it was just a note that simply said “the real treasure is in the journey.” I was ready to take down the monster who had sent me on my wild goose chase.

Shannon: “Do you think this is real, or are we just doing this because we’re bored?” I wondered out loud.

He didn’t take in my doubts. “This map hasn’t been touched for decades. There will be treasure,” he sounded so confident.

I smiled, “Promise you won’t be disappointed if we keep searching and don’t find anything. It’s just…I had a really good time, either way.”

He reached for my hand, “I had a good time too, and I won’t regret one second.”

“X” marks the spot, or does it?

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