Writing Prompt: Day 273

273.jpgDay 273 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a treasure hunt.

Erin: By the time I got to the last location in the hunt it was just a note that simply said “the real treasure is in the journey.” I was ready to take down the monster who had sent me on my wild goose chase.

Shannon: “Do you think this is real, or are we just doing this because we’re bored?” I wondered out loud.

He didn’t take in my doubts. “This map hasn’t been touched for decades. There will be treasure,” he sounded so confident.

I smiled, “Promise you won’t be disappointed if we keep searching and don’t find anything. It’s just…I had a really good time, either way.”

He reached for my hand, “I had a good time too, and I won’t regret one second.”

“X” marks the spot, or does it?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 273

  1. The brothers are led into a second garage, behind the house. “Look around, try not to touch anything. Let me know if you see something you like,” Chris says, “can’t promise they’ll all work, though. If you have any questions, ask Rick.” The mentioned boy raises a hand before getting back to his project on the computer.
    Chris then leaves. August starts out, looking at various items on tables, some piled over each other. At his request, Rick came over and told him what different things do. August shook his head a little and moved on. He walks around, occasionally asking what something does when there aren’t any notes attached to it.
    “Why isn’t your brother looking?: Rick asks.
    “He doesn’t think he needs anything to help him,” August says casually.
    “Do you agree?”
    “Josh is a great martial artist, but the people we’ll be up against?” August’s eyes stop roaming. “…They’re something else…”
    He walks over to the next table and picks up a small gadget. It is a bracelet, with a silver panel on one side with a couple buttons. There are two spikes on the inside of the panel, as well as a few on the inner part of the braided bracelet.
    “What’s this?” He asks.
    “That is a portable cloaking device,” Rick states, “but I can’t get it to turn someone fully invisible. It’s only like a shadow. And it takes energy from the wearer, so it can’t last for very long.”
    August smiles, “Perfect.” He holds it up, “Josh! Come here!”
    Josh was looking at a few gadgets that caught his eye, only because they look interesting, not for the same reason as his brother. He maneuvers around the tables to the pair. August asks Rick to explain the device. He also points out it isn’t ready yet, but August is set on a ‘shadow’ ability.
    Josh loves how his brother is so excited. But he dreads the reason August thinks he needs it.


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