Writing Prompt: Day 287


Day 287 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write one character from seven perspectives…today is his/her enemy.

Erin: He’s little Mr. Popular now. He wasn’t always that way though. He used to be a little shit, and making friends did not come easy at that stage. I was his friend though. I made an effort. I tried to see good and I did. In fifth grade though he started dating Emily and all of the sudden finding friends was no longer so hard. Neither was losing one. When he abandoned me, I saw a side I really didn’t like and was unable to get over. I went from being one of the only ones who likes him to one of the only ones who dislikes him.

Shannon: The kid needs to be stopped. He not very bright and I don’t see him amounting to much. I told his parents they could consider military school, but they didn’t do it. Now I wonder how long it will take before their decision.

Let’s get a negatively bias opinion. 

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 287

  1. “Proton-ess, you aren’t like the others,” the villain says, “do they really allow you to use your skills to their full extent?”
    Proton-ess keep her guard up, waiting for an opening to strike.
    “If you help me here, you could explore the very edges of elemental potential. You could be powerful.”
    “I’m already powerful!” Proton-ess’ palms light up, taking a ball of lead between them.
    “By using someone else’s tech?” Apoth-caeri asks. “Tt, tt, tt, you saw what I gave to Night Ghost. I gave him a power he’ll have with him.”
    ‘You didn’t do that on purpose,’ Proton-ess remembers.
    “I could give you the same power as those gloves. You’d be invincible, if trained by the proper mentor.”
    Proton-ess sends room temperature mercury at his face. She then takes off, ready to find the others and leave. The villain wipes the mercury off his face, howling at the pain as some touched his eye.
    But he isn’t deterred from convincing Proton-ess to join him. ‘She has such potential.’


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