Writing Prompt: Day 297

297.jpgDay 297 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a good dream as if it were a nightmare.

Erin: My dream date followed by my dream proposal should have had me waking up smiling. However, I woke up shaking and breathing heavily. Even in my sleep I knew it was him and I knew how we would end.

Shannon: It was awful it all started with this puppy sitting in the middle of a sea of pillows. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t stop staring. It was terrifying. Then it started walking towards me with huge eyes and I couldn’t run away. I was paralyzed in place. Right as it started attacking me with his tongue I finally woke up, thank goodness.

Make something right sound wrong.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 297

  1. Heather retreats to her room and calls up a friend. The phone rings for a little, and she taps her foot as she waits.
    “Hey Heather.”
    Heather breathes a sigh of relief, “Hey Nikki.”
    “What’s wrong girl? You don’t sound okay.”
    “It’s the situation,” Heather says, “I’m always tense.”
    “…Is that all?”
    “I wanted to talk to you about something other than all this.”
    “Heather, talk to me.”
    Heather looks at the floor, as if she could avoid the conversation. “…I had a dream.”
    “What about?”
    “He was there.” Heather starts to tear up, “it was so vivid, Nikki. He was there, and he was next to me. It was as if there was nothing wrong in my life. It was… it was perfect.”
    “…Heather, turn on video chat.”
    “No,” Heather sniffs.
    “…Jarvis, video chat.”
    “Of course, Heather.” Heather sets her phone on the nightstand. The holo screen comes up with Nikki’s face in the center.
    “Heather…” Nikki coos, as if to confirm what she thought was correct.
    “I couldn’t stand it, Nikki,” Heather says, using her blanket to dry her continuous tears.
    “Why? That sounds like a beautiful dream.”
    “Because as perfect as it was, I woke up,” Heather cries, “and he isn’t here.”


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