Writing Prompt: Day 308

308Day 308 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Describe your character’s living situation.

Shannon: After our parents died in the accident we were sent off to live with our aunt and her family. I knew it would be different going from a three bedroom to mansion, but I didn’t expect to hate it. I thought it would be nice. I’d have my own bedroom, and basically anything I wanted. I should have been happy but it didn’t feel like home. Dinners were proper, cooked by a chef, and placed on top of intricate table decorations. There was a private theater for an unforgettable movie experience. Even a private pool, and a hot tub. It was fun for the first month, but the affect soon faded. I started missing the imperfections of the past. I missed eating dinners on the couch as we all found something to laugh about. I missed watching movies as a family on our old, tiny TV screen. I missed sharing a bedroom and having to share pool space with strangers. It’s strange, but life has been duller since I got here.

Erin: She is homeless in a sense. She is not poor though. She is rich in experiences and connections. She has a network of friends across the country and she hops from home to home. She experiences what she wants to and then searches for more. Her relationships just kept compounding and doing what she loved payed off. People lived to read her stories and she lived off of the revenue from her blog. To her she had complete freedom in that fact.

What’s home like for your character?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 308

  1. Finn lives with his mom. Dad’s in the military. Has no siblings. Lower middle class family. Surrounded by art. Mom hopes he’ll get a job that pays and Dad thinks it’s great he’s following a passion, but doesn’t really connect with his son since he’s mostly absent.


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