Writing Prompt: Day 309

309Day 309 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Incorporate these 3 words: Privilege, Untrustworthy, & End.

Erin: He lost the privilege of my trust. The hurt behind his eyes over me calling him untrustworthy was nearly comical. The only problem was when I tried to explain where I was coming from he didn’t understand. I wanted to salvage what we still clung on to, but him being clueless meant it was the end for me.

Shannon: “Tell me about this one mama. What’s his curse,” my daughter questioned, placing the book of clients on my lap. Then she snuggled into my side, ready for story time. She was a curious one.

“Ok one, but then you have to go to bed,” I agreed and she didn’t argue, just pointed eagerly at a face. “Ah this one,” I began, “He was born to a life of privilege, and he was cursed with never spending a single day wanting something he couldn’t have. Until one day he was denied the thing he carved most. There was no end to what he would do. He became uncaring, untrustworthy, and unkind. Because of this he never succeeded.”

Let these words lead the story.

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