Writing Prompt: Day 310

310Day 310 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Let Sabrina Carpenter’s “Why” inspire you.

Shannon: “You’re so annoying. Why is it so hard for you to make a decision?” Amber teased me.

“Well why don’t you ever take your time and think things through. Maybe you be a little more pleased with your choices,” I argued.

“I”m very satisfied thank you. Don’t you push your lifestyles choices on me,” she shook her head.

“Fine, we can order now,” I informed her, as we got in line to order completely different items. Our tastes were so different along with almost everything else. Yet even with all our differences I can’t imagine falling for anyone else. There doesn’t have to be a reason and maybe that’s the best reason of all.

Erin: I rolled over to see her gorgeous eyes already staring at me. “You ever wish I was a morning person too?”

“Why,” she asked genuinely confused.

“So, you didn’t have to sit awake in bed waiting for me to get up,” I mumbled still in my half-asleep state.

“I don’t have to now. I could get up and do laundry or make breakfast or whatever. In fact, I could probably get back before you knew it.”

“Why don’t you?”

She hummed. “I love my lazy weekend mornings. You sleeping gives me an excuse to have them. Plus I like watching you sleep,” she winked with a giggle.

Let differences inspire your story.

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