Writing Prompt: Day 320

320 (1)Day 320 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Take a quiz to determine what element represents your character and write a story based on the results.

Shannon: “Don’t mind her, she’s an earth element,” my roommate directed her friends attention away from my “odd” behavior of tuning out their conversation. I had homework that I needed to get done and they weren’t my friends after all. It seemed like she never had work she needed to finish. She was a water element, and could always go with the flow. I envied her, but I knew I could never be like her. Not if I wanted to succeed.

Erin: She was like a winding stream in the group. Her path was determined by finding harmony in those around her and flowing into the responsibilities they needed from her. She brought harmony wherever she went. She could close the gap of vast differences. No other person could match her strengths.

What element is connected to your character’s soul?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 320

  1. “Okay, next question. If you could be an element bender, what would you be?” Josh asks.
    Everyone looks to Finn.
    “…What?” Jacey asks.
    “I’d be a wood bender,” Finn repeats.
    “…Okay, I’m barely sold on the idea that air, water, earth, and fire can be considered ‘elements,’ and now you are saying wood is one?” Nikki asks.
    Finn shrugs, “I took a quiz and-”
    Everyone present groans, though Josh is sure that August could sense one of his teammates said something worth groaning about, wherever he is right then.
    Finn glares, “Yes, I took another quiz. It was about what element represents me, and I got wood.”
    “Why was that even an option?” Nikki asks.
    “…It said it was a Chinese element?” Finn suggests.
    Nikki face palms and Josh moves the conversation onto the next person.


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