Writing Prompt: Day 321

321Day 321 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Take a quiz to determine what kind of monster your character is and write a story based on the result.

Erin: He was cursed in his appearance. He was the tallest and most built person in town. Pair that with his constant stern look created a cloud of fear around him. Too bad no one knew what a harmless baby bird he was underneath it all.

Shannon: They can’t see me and I get frustrated. I know my fate, but I am here and it makes me angry. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, or traumatize them. Sometimes I just get carried away, because that’s the only thing that works. I’m stuck in this house, so is it so bad that I make my presence know once in a while? I want my own space too.

Unleash the beast.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 321

  1. They open the door to find Finn waiting, “Trick or treat!” He chimes.
    Everyone stares at him, then look at each other. “What are you wearing Finn?”
    “My halloween costume,” Finn states.
    “…Umm…” Nikki looks to Josh.
    “What? Mike Wazowski is a monster,” Finn says.
    “We meant a… scary, monster,” Josh says slowly. Finn stomps in, unable to cross his arms with the round costume enclosing him.
    “…Mike Wazowski is scary,” Finn says.
    Jacey comes into the room, dressed as a ghost, “Okay is everyo-” she stops walking when she sees Finn. “Finn! I told you I had a costume for you!”
    “But I wanted-”
    “Go upstairs and change, now,” Jacey says.
    “I like this one.”
    “I know you will like the other. It has face paint,” Jacey says, singing the last bit as if it could convince him. Finn slumps and walks up the stairs to find the guest room, where the costume is.
    “Is everyone ready to go?”
    “We’re waiting on Finn. He had to change.”
    “What was he dressed as before?”
    Everyone watches Finn walk down in his costume. Some just gape, while the others face palm and shake their head.
    “If Mike Wazowski isn’t scary, then zombie Mike Wazowski is really scary!”


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