Writing Prompt: Day 321

321Day 321 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Take a quiz to determine what kind of monster your character is and write a story based on the result.

Erin: He was cursed in his appearance. He was the tallest and most built person in town. Pair that with his constant stern look created a cloud of fear around him. Too bad no one knew what a harmless baby bird he was underneath it all.

Shannon: They can’t see me and I get frustrated. I know my fate, but I am here and it makes me angry. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, or traumatize them. Sometimes I just get carried away, because that’s the only thing that works. I’m stuck in this house, so is it so bad that I make my presence know once in a while? I want my own space too.

Unleash the beast.

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