Writing Prompt: Day 322

322 (3)Day 322 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Take a quiz to determine your character’s secret power and write a story based on the results.

Shannon: When I was taken by the rebels I feared what they would use my powers for. It was best people didn’t know what I could do, because I knew how easily I could get into the wrong hands. Especially, if they found a way to keep me from defending myself. They threaten the safety of my family if I didn’t cooperate.

The masked leader put pictures in front of me. He wouldn’t reveal his powers or his name, but everyone was scared of him. “Make them come here…you know voluntarily.” He had such a slimy laugh as he said it. There was no voluntary when I controlled peoples minds. I was in complete power of another life and it always seemed wrong to use them on anyone, even the worst people in the world. Unless I could stop them from hurting others.

Erin: Invisibility was just as much of a curse as it was a gift. Theoretically I could turn it off, only even if people could see me they didn’t.

What power is your character hiding?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 322

  1. The group is at the park, because a few of the team wanted to go for individual reasons, and they dragged the rest along. Finn sits down to draw a group of trees. He sees something just inside his vision, so he turns his head.
    A squirrel is sitting, staring at him, on the other side of the bench. Finn stares back as well, blinking slowly.
    When the squirrel doesn’t move, he shoos with his hands, but doesn’t get close to the squirrel. It just stares, tilting its head a tiny bit.
    “…Just go find Jacey,” Finn says, “she’s the animal person.”
    Right after he speaks, the squirrel scampers off. He watches it go off in Jacey’s direction.
    ‘…Am I an animal person, too?’ He wonders, eyes wide.


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