Writing Prompt: Day 324

324 (1)Day 324 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story to go with the title “Slackers”.

Shannon: Trash, scum, loser I’ve heard them all, and that’s just from the teachers. I figured if everybody is so hung up on who they think I am, then why not roll with it? That’s why I formed the Slackers. A group where the misunderstood could join together. Not to live up to their expectations for our futures. No, we wanted to prove them wrong. As a team I was pretty sure we could.

Erin: Slackers is a is a story of three education majors landing a job straight out of college and teaching their high school students with no plans and no experience. The three amigos turn the school and the town on its head, with not much changing from the good old days.

Let the title lead the story.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 324

  1. (…Maybe not what the prompt was asking for… Oh well!)

    “Do you think that she will call?”
    August sighs, “She hasn’t called us since she decided to leave, Jacey.”
    “Yeah, but… It hasn’t been that long.”
    “Can we focus? We have a mission.”
    Everyone looks at August as he secures his boots. He looks up.
    Josh shrugs, “Nothing.” Everyone looks away and continues getting ready.
    August rolls his eyes, “Does everyone remember the drill?”
    “Yes, August,” Finn says, putting paint on his face as a mask, “we went over it literally two seconds ago.”
    “It was longer than that.” Finn looks to Josh like he isn’t helping. “But Finn’s right. We all went over it.”
    August stands, grabbing his coat. “Well I think we should go over it again if everyone is going to get distracted between discussion and going out.”
    “I think the only person distracted is you,” Nikki mutters, checking her goggles.
    “Want to repeat that?” August asks.
    “All of us are talking about Heather, sure,” Nikki states, “but you’re treating us like slackers, when really?” She motions to the room, “all of us combined isn’t even half as distracted as you are.”
    “I’m the only one not focusing on Heather,” August points out.
    “…No, you’re right,” Rick says. He looks up from the computers in the room over, “you’re the one trying so hard not to think about her.”
    August huffs, “Because we have a mission. Heather isn’t the center of the universe.”
    “I get she’s gone through… stuff, Josh. But that doesn’t warrant coddling and neglecting the rest of our lives,” August says, “she wanted to leave. We respect that. We have a mission. Are we done here?”
    The rest of the room is silent. August looks to every person.
    “…Yeah, August,” Finn sighs, “we’re done.”


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