Writing Prompt: Day 325

325Day 325 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story to go with the title “The King’s Smile”.

Erin: The king’s smile is about the first female heir of Kindor rebuilding a crumbling nation beyond anyone’s expectations. She will have to overcome hurdles in her quest to shine the king’s smile she is lucky enough to possess on the nation again.

Shannon: The king was rarely ever seen outside of the palace, or so we thought. He was hidden. It kept him safe from all the people who wanted the throne. As it turns out, he was living among us commoners. The one in the spotlight was a decoy. The real one was the best person I’d ever met.

Let the title lead the story.

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Day 325

  1. The King’s Smile – was a smile no one could ever remember seeing. Everyone wondered devastation could have happened to make a king stop smiling. Many tried to make him smile again with no success… that is until a little imp showed up one day.


  2. Finn clears his throat, “I actually found something interesting that Josh happened to leave out while he was packing.” He whips out his phone and reads, “The King’s Smile.”
    Josh goes from mad to slightly-annoyed-but-in-agreement-with-Finn’s-point.
    Finn looks at August and Heather, “I think this fits you two well.”
    He clears his throat again, holding the phone up.
    (Drew a blank at the end of the day…)
    “Basically there is a king and a queen of separate lands. The queen had been through hardship and refused to smile. The king was one of many suitors tasked with getting the queen to smile. But she would not for anyone. The king choose his method of moving to her castle and living with her. He asked about her, and learned why she would not smile. By confiding as a friend, and not using a quick trick to gain a smile from her, his own smile became the source of her own, until she could do it without him at all. By then, she loved him.”
    Those assembled clap. Finn bows.
    “That’s just the summary. The entire story is actually really deep.”
    “You wrote that, Josh?” Heather asks.
    Josh chuckles, looking at August, “Our mom did.”


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