Writing Prompt: Day 326

326Day 326 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story to go with the title “Games We Shouldn’t Play”.

Shannon: We can swear it wasn’t our fault, say they made us do it. The truth is we made our choice. No matter the alternative, we could have changed things. We’re responsible for what we did for the game.

Erin: Games we shouldn’t play is about bringing board games to life. Some are harmless and some are deadly. Sometimes the last ones you would expect.

Let the title lead the story.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 326

  1. Perun knocks on the rotted door, only for a figure Finn didn’t know to answer it. “Peruu, how are you?”
    “Alotta,” he says. He gives her a full French kiss, causing Finn to look away in discomfort, coughing into his hand. Perun pulls away. “Stardom,” he points dismissively to Finn, then passes Alotta into the house.
    She offers a hand to Finn as he steps in and out of the cold. “Alotta.”
    Finn takes her hand, dumbly asking, “Alotta what?”
    “Anything you want, man.”
    Finn searches for the voice as the door closes behind him. There are a few other street rats in the room, most of which are fairly older than Finn, Perun included. Finn sits down on a chair, not sure what the young man meant, while everyone else finishes chuckling.
    “Alotta’s…” the speaker pulls Alotta close, “talented in many things.”
    Finn averts his eyes as they kiss just like Perun did.
    “Hey! That’s your third! Save some for others,” someone complains.
    “I bet the new guy hasn’t gotten any yet.”
    Finn looks back to see Alotta in front of him, smiling.
    He’s regretting saying yes to the invite. “Uhh… I’m good.”
    “Are you sure?” Alotta asks.
    “Yep,” Finn gets up, heading for the door.
    “Dude,” a hand comes down on Finn’s shoulder, “you gotta let up. It’s just a little fun.”
    “I was taught-”
    “Alotta’s not unhappy, she’s here on her own. And she can kiss whoever she wants.”
    “That’s right!” A new voice states.
    “Why don’t you loosen up a little.”
    Finn turns around, looking at Perun, “I am not comfortable. So I want to leave.”
    Finn looks around Perun to find the person. He’s a lanky guy with paint stained hands and a poorly trimmed beard. “Excuse me?”
    “Yer a sissy if you can’t man up and kiss a girl whose lookin’ at you like that.”
    Finn passes Perun, walks over to the man and steps on his bare foot, “I’m not a sissy for knowing what I want. I don’t care about your ideals.”
    “That don’t make you friends,” the man says, trying to grab him. Finn backs up, almost tripping over his own feet.
    “This makes fake ones, I’m out.” Finn then ducks out of the door and runs like a bull was after him, until he got home, where his mom was probably asleep, all his presents wrapped.


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