Writing Prompt: Day 327

327Day 327 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story to go with the title “Thanks-taking”.

Erin: Thanks-taking is about a disgruntled family member slowly taking the lives of their family members on the only holiday everyone is forced around the dinner table together. The trick is to sort through all of the possible motives and figure out who snapped.

Shannon: My family has never been good at Thanksgiving. In fact we’re so bad we had to create a new holiday name so people would understand how awful it is. No one is grateful and no one is happy. We take as if it’s the only thing that can solve our gloom.

Let the title lead the story.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 327

  1. The team files down the stairs, pulling off armor and gingerly using any injured parts, which the latter were few and far between. Everyone stores away their stuff. Then they all sit down in the lounge for a bit of silent rest.
    “I think we should-”
    “No,” August says, sensing the tone his brother is using.
    “…Someone’s not being generous.”
    “What was that Finn?” August asks.
    “You!” Finn gestures with both hands, “You and your… your desire to keep to yourself, while the rest of us are sacrificing a little for Heather.”
    “Why should I?”
    “Because the first time Heather needed someone at the Tower was right after Thanksgiving, not Thanks-taking.”
    August whistles, “You sure know how to string words together.”
    “You were thinking only of yourself, what I hear,” Finn says, leaning back.
    August glares at him, “None of you know what I’m going through.”
    “Then explain it, Gus,” Rick says.


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