Writing Prompt: Day 330

330Day 330 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story to go with the title “It All Happened on a Sunday”.

Shannon: It all happened on a Sunday and it all happened faster then I could comprehend. One minute everything was normal. The next I was in a world I didn’t recognize. They took everything, but left us behind.

Erin: It all happened on a Sunday is a story about a man who wakes up in the hospital after an accident time and time again on a Sunday afternoon. His friendly nurse needs to help him escape the last day of the week and move on with his life, before he gets to comfortable with his perpetual weekend.

Let the title lead the story.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 330

  1. Finn was born with Inhuman genes in his DNA. He didn’t get them from his parents. I don’t really know how they are passed down, really. But they were dormant for most of his life. One Sunday, his mom suggested he take a fish oil pill because of some problem or other. Probably had to do with high blood pressure, and she wanted him to be on the safe side.
    Thing is, dormant Inhuman DNA is triggered by Terrigen Mist in fish oil. His transformation took a moment to kick in, but when he was in an alley, he underwent terragenisis. He emerged from the stone-like chrysalis and blacked out. He doesn’t remember what happened, only that when he woke up, whatever pictures he touched came alive for a short time. He didn’t go back home, finding Perun and staying with him on the streets, trying to control his power.
    When August and Josh found him, they helped him get a hold of his powers using mediation and focus. He didn’t return home right away, but allowed them to tell his mom he’s alright. When he felt he had a grip, he came home. It wasn’t until the team was taken by SHIELD, analyzed, and sent on a mission that he learned he is an Inhuman. He tried to remember what happened that Sunday, when everything changed. What he could remember proved their story.


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