Writing Prompt: Day 331

331Day 331 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with the sentence: “It all changed when they surrounded me.”

Erin: It all changed when they surrounded me. The ghosts had a way of making the real people disappear. They had a way of drowning out the world and eventually I was lost too. A speck in the chaos doomed to the same fate as my surroundings.

Shannon: It all changed when they surrounded me. “We’re on your side, don’t be afraid,” a woman stepped forward directing the others to stand down.

“You’re lying,” I kept my hands raised, ready to go down fighting.

“No, we came here for you Anna,” she explained, saying my name for the first time I’d heard it out loud in years. I must have looked surprised, because she smiled. “We still use names. Never stopped.”

The thought warmed my cold heart, yet I still wanted to run. Only how could I escape now? It wasn’t the right time.

One sentence to spark them all.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 331

  1. It all changed when they surrounded me. I gave the final blow to Liquid Steele, and it was all over. With no one maintaining the ooze, it melted away into nothing. I stood there, in a bit of shock at the sudden change after my victory.
    Then I turn around, seeing the others walking. They surround me in a group hug. I hug the people in front of me, which happens to be Jacey and Josh.
    I was part of a team. I had friends, and I could trust them. I hadn’t fully had that for so long.
    Putting their needs, and the needs of this city, over mine was worth it, if it meant true friends who can watch my back when I can’t.


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