Writing Prompt: Day 332

332Day 332 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a mythical creature.

Shannon: “You’re tiny,” his voice sounded like thunder as he lifted me up in his palm.

“Or maybe you’re huge,” I had to shout for him to hear me. Everyone always says fairies small, but I always wondered if we were normal and everybody else was giant. Maybe no one was meant to be that big.

Erin: There was a time when people thought unicorns were a magical concept. Little did they know our world would change and the evolution resulting in them would be inevitable.

Time to get mythical.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 332

  1. Heather gets to her presents, sitting in the comfy chair with all her friends and a few Avengers nearby. She finds a flat, rectangle present is next. She picks it up, shaking it. Some people laugh, but Finn frowns a little. After seeing who it is from, Heather understands why. “Sorry Finn, I’ll be careful.”
    Heather rips the paper off, finding a detailed painting on the canvas no bigger than two hands high and one hand wide.
    “…Finn,” Heather sighs, looking at the picture of a phoenix.
    “You rose from the ashes, Heather,” Finn smiles.
    “Can I see?” Josh asks. Heather turns it around. Everyone oohs.
    “I see it also has glass over the front,” Heather states, “that’s not usual for canvas art.”
    “I… might have animated a few attempts,” Finn says hesitantly, “accidentally.”
    “I remember one of those,” Nikki points out, “one of them was almost done too, so-”
    “Nikki!” Finn complains.
    “Why were you at Finn’s?”
    Nikki smirks, “I wasn’t. He was at my place.”
    Finn exasperatedly states, “I was stressed, she was making cookies. What was I supposed to do? So I made the painting at Nikki’s.”
    “Well thank you, Finn,” Heather says, setting the framed picture down.


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