Writing Prompt: Day 333

333Day 333 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with the sentence: Write about something that only your character likes.

Erin: He likes when his fingers are sticky and he can smash them together and pull them apart. He likes the resistance of the substance making his skin slowly peal apart. It’s oddly satisfying.

Shannon: I know it’s weird, but I’ve always liked waiting in long lines. It makes me feel like I’m part of something important, something worth waiting for. Plus I love finding company amongst strangers.

What does your character not hate.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 333

  1. The team had a free weekend when no one had homework, extra curricular stuff, and there didn’t seem like there would be a mission. “So, what do people want to do?” August asks.
    “The zoo!”
    “Go to the theatre.”
    “Coney Island.”
    “Art museum!”
    Everyone stops what they’re doing and looks at Finn.
    “What? I haven’t gone yet this month,” he says, genuinely excited.
    Rick decides to speak for the group, “What would we do there?”
    “…Look at art.”
    “And who likes doing that?”
    “…People,” Finn says, slowly getting it.
    “And those people are…? Specifically this room?” Rick continues.
    Finn steps forward, finger up. But then he stops and his hand drops, “Me.”
    Finn looks to the others for support. “Oh come on guys! It’s a step up to go to art museum from where I was at. We look at animals in the zoo with Jacey! What’s the difference?”
    “Sorry buddy,” Josh says, putting a hand on Finn’s shoulder, “but we… not everyone has an understanding of art.”
    “Animals are cool to look at-” Nikki stops talking, realizing what she said.
    Finn looks at her like she just said she forgot where hydrogen was on the periodic table.
    Nikki tries to fix it, “I meant that you don’t have to understand animals to appreciate them-”
    Finn sits down, sulking, “Got it, no one appreciates art in this age. So what are we doing instead?”


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