Writing Prompt: Day 336

336.jpgDay 336 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a puppet master.

Shannon: “I don’t really care what you want to do, you owe me. I own you, that’s how this works,” my mentor explained coldly.

“This could ruin his life,” I tried to remind him of his humanity.

“Don’t concern yourself with that. It’s my burden,” he stared, waiting for me to get going. Though it pained me, I did.

Erin: When I was handed the power from my father I knew I wanted to live my life differently. I was not going to abuse my decision-making privilege. It wasn’t until I was literally sitting in his throne that I understood how impossible of a feat that was. With only having a limited sky view knowledge of my subject how was I supposed to manipulate their lives for them. I could try my best to make majority rules decisions, but humans are so complex.

Give us a seat to your puppet show.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 336

  1. Jacey collapses after attempting to shape shift into a rabbit. “I can’t do it.”
    Ms. Roberts walks over to her. She stands in front of Jacey on the floor. “Get, up.”
    Jacey stands slowly, keeping her eyes on Ms. Roberts’ heels, head down.
    Ms. Roberts clicks her tongue, taking a finger and tilting Jacey’s head to look her in the eyes. “You doubt your value?”
    “My powers won’t respond-”
    “Correct, but that is not the answer to the question I asked.”
    Jacey tries to look away, but Ms. Roberts keeps her chin planted in her palm.
    “You have potential, Maître de la bête,” she says softly. But the nickname makes Jacey flinch. “But we cannot leave that potential there,” Ms. Roberts smiles at her fondly. Jacey smiles a little as well, feeling a mother’s touch with the pearly whites, against her better judgement. “Shall we try again?”
    “Yes, Ms. Roberts,” Jacey says.
    “And what have you learned?”
    “…I have value?”
    “You have value.” Her chin is released. “When your potential is used properly, and when you have control over your unique talents. You have value in that.”
    “Yes, Ms. Roberts,” Jacey says automatically.
    “Now.” Ms. Roberts walks away, only to turn on the point of her heels, sighing, “Let’s try this again.”


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