Writing Prompt: Day 337

337Day 337 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the first time your character experiences something.

Erin: They always say that the first time that you hold your baby in your arms can’t be explained. After experiencing I found out it can’t, that immediate love that feeling of being whole, when you didn’t even know you were empty. It’s true magic, but the magician would not be able to give away the secrets of their trick if he wanted to.

Shannon: “You seem nervous,” the guy sitting next to me observed.”Is this your first flight?”

“It’s that obvious?” I cringed.

He shook his head, “A lot of people get nervous on planes. It was a lucky guess to find out if you were ok. Do you have any question I can answer to make you feel better?”

I guess this was my opportunity. “How do I know when I should be concerned?”

He smiled. “I find when something is out of your control, it’s best to only worry about what you can control and let the rest play itself out. But that’s up to you,” he winked.

“That’s hard,” I admitted.

“But it doesn’t have to be,” he shook his head wisely.

What has your character never done before?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 337

  1. Rick peeks into his father’s workshop, hearing him mutter over a collection of large papers, a box computer on the second desk behind him. “Dad?”
    Chris looks up, “Yes son?”
    “…What are you doing?”
    Chris chuckles, “Work, buddy. I’m working.”
    Rick walks into the room with various scraps of metal and parts, “Can I help?”
    “Wouldn’t you rather play?”
    “But you can’t go play.”
    “Who says I’m not playing?” Chris says, picking up his boy. “You’re getting bigger,” he mock realizes, “Soon I would be able to pick you up anymore.”
    “Show me what you are working on, Dad,” Rick says, giggling.
    “Okay, bud.” Chris sets him down. Rick takes the chair swiveling around a bit, before settling his eyes on the papers, “This is a project of your daddy’s. I’m trying to build something.”
    “What are you building?” Rick asks.
    “Well, Rick, it’s-”
    “Daddy~!” Rick groans, allowing the chair to swivel around once.
    “What?” Chris asks with a chuckle.
    “That’s the voice you use when you are going to sum up the information,” Rick says, proud of the long word. He sits up, the chair still moving a little, “I want to know what you are doing.”
    “You might not understand it, son,” Chris says gently.
    “I wanna do what you do Dad,” Rick says. He points to the blueprints, “I want to build things.”
    Chris sighs, “…Okay, if you can understand what I’m about to tell you, then you can help me.”
    Rick nods, his chin almost hitting his collarbone as he does.
    Chris learned that his son really does pick up things fast; even faster than he thought he would.


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