Writing Prompt: Day 338

338Day 338 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the first glimmer of hope in the midst of destruction.

Shannon: Laughter. That’s what I remember. Days after our lives had been torn apart I thought I’d never laugh again. I imagined I wouldn’t find a reason to even smile anytime soon, I didn’t know if I could remember how. It turns out I did, and I didn’t laugh because of a good joke. I laughed at myself, because I had done something embarrassing. It was weird, because it felt so good I didn’t want to stop.

Erin: Mile 3 of walking I saw a glimpse of the gas station sign and for a second I felt not all was lost.

Things are looking up.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 338

  1. “Everybody call when you’re clear,” Night Ghost calls as he runs, seeing an exit ahead of me.
    “Jade clear.”
    “Proton-ess clear.”
    “All clear over here.”
    “You know it’s Starry.”
    Night Ghost runs to the tree line.
    “The charges are placed. …I can’t see Ja- Malea. I can’t see Malea.”
    “Clear,” Animalia says as she shifts back to human next to the leader. “Sorry, Command. I needed to get out fast.”
    “And Night Ghost clear.” He holds out the detonator, “Commencing final phase.”
    His thumb hovers over the button, then he turns to Animalia.
    “You should do it, Jacey.”
    Animalia takes the detonator from him, then looks at the building. She knows no one is in the building. Everyone that hurt her inside is either on the run or captured by custody. But this is something she needs.
    She presses the button.
    As the building goes up in flames, only to collapse, Jacey reminds herself that no one will hurt her there anymore; Maître de la Bête is finally dead.


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