Writing Prompt: Day 339

339Day 339 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what made a character’s wedding special.

Erin: Our wedding was special because despite everything going wrong we were okay. We were becoming family and that made all of the chaos perfect.

Shannon: The wedding was special because for once my whole family was in one place and they weren’t fighting. They even seemed like they were having a good time, and it was nice to see them having fun together. I knew I’d never forget this day.

Make a special day unforgettable.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 339

  1. Heather and August stand at the cake, cutting their first pieces. August holds his piece for Heather to take a bite. She giggles as some of the frosting touches her nose. She does the same for him, but once he bites it, she tips it so the cluster of frosting in the middle buries his nose. He jerks away, getting a napkin to wipe his nose down. But Heather pulls him back into a kiss.
    After a few pictures and applause, the attention dwindles a little to give the couple some privacy. Heather looks at the cake, then taps August on the shoulder. He turns to see a chipmunk sitting almost completely behind the cake, nibbling on a chunk of frosting, right next to a dent in the cake’s decoration.
    “Jacey,” August whispers. She looks at them, her cheeks full. Heather is on the brink of laughing again. Jacey slowly reaches for the cake, grabbing a tiny chunk, then dashes behind the cake and down to the floor. The two then burst into laughter.
    “What else did we expect?” Heather whispers.
    “From this crazy group?” August asks. He wipes the frosting off Heather’s nose. “Nothing.” He then wrinkles his nose, “I think I have frosting up my nose.”


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