Writing Prompt: Day 340

340.jpgDay 340 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Set a trap.

Shannon: “Here’s how you get him,” I slid the paper across the table and waited for her to unfold it. “You ask him those four questions. If he gets any of the first three wrong, he’s lying. If he knows the answer to the last one, I’d say he knows too much.”

I watched as she read through them. “I love it. This is genius.” I saw hope in her eyes, and it felt good that I could put it there. Though I hoped her suspicions were incorrect.

Erin: Sometimes I think that I got away with something when courting my wife. Logic says a guy like me never ends up with a woman like her. Only I did and despite me insisting I had tricked her she had this idea that she knew everything about me. Even kind of liked everything about me. Sometimes I thought that was her only flaw.

Time to catch your prey.

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