346.jpgDay 346 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about two dancing partners.

Shannon: Dancing with him was so effortless, but it was weird at the same time. He was so perfect as a dance partner I sometimes found myself getting lost with him in the music. That’s why it got hard because every night we had to part.

Erin: The hardest and best part about dance was my partner. His skill and challenging nature pushed me and us to be the bests in our region. The only problem was that we only communicated properly in dance. The second the music stopped we were hopeless. A translator couldn’t even help us understand each other’s point of view. How we could be so perfect on the floor and such a disaster the second we stepped off was baffling.

Dance with us.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 346

  1. A list was made of all the things the group wanted to do together. They reach Heather’s addition. “Dance lessons,” Nikki says, a little confused.
    Heather smiles, “I asked Grandma to teach you guys. It will be fun.”
    “I thought you didn’t like dancing with steps,” Finn says.
    Heather scoffs, “There are times for dancing to the beat, and there are times to dance with steps.”
    Lucille walks into the cleared barn, with a CD player. “Everyone ready?”
    “Yep!” Heather states.
    “Okay, everyone get a partner.”
    Rick grabs Jacey’s hand, looking at all the guys with mild threat in his eyes. Josh offers a hand to Nikki, who accepts with less flourish. Finn looks around, a little lost. August wonders why Finn doesn’t try to claim Heather as a partner, until he realizes she’s looking at him with a smile. He walks over, putting his hand out, “May I?”
    Heather sets her palm in his, “Of course.”
    Finn sighs.
    Lucille looks out of the barn, “Where is that girl?”
    “Leslie’s dancing too?” Josh asks.
    “Of course,” Heather says, “and the dances we are doing are rotational. You won’t have the same partner the entire time.”
    Leslie arrives, dragging Andrew with. “Leslie, there aren’t enough pairs,” Andrew groans, “and don’t make me dance with Grandma!”
    Lucille clears her throat. Andrew whips his head to look at her, then sheepishly walks over to her.
    “…Wanna dance, Grandma?”
    “Much better.”
    Leslie walks over to Finn, “Need a partner?”
    “Yep,” he says.
    Finn hears Heather clear her throat, so he looks up. He sees the amusement and a threatening spark in her eyes, which matches Rick’s earlier. He nods; don’t hurt or crush on her sister.
    “Now, let’s go over the basics.”
    Lucille teaches the three step. Then they pair up and go over each of the paired parts. Heather chuckles as August slowly gets it. He then looks into Heather’s eyes instead of at his feet and stops messing up. Lucille gets them all in a circle with the girls on the left of the guys. They start with the group parts, moving in and out, then going to the left and right. The girls then twirl, going under the arm of the guy, twirling, and pulling their partner with until they are facing each other, sideways in the circle.
    Heather and August balance in and out, then spin in. They balance out and in, repeating the spin out. They slide in, and in. Then out, and out. August’s arms hold Heather’s in the ballroom position, seamlessly starting the waltz box step.
    The whole world stops as they keep dancing. Their friends finish the routine, but let them keep dancing together. Jacey holds close to Rick’s arm, silently cooing at how adorable they are. Everyone knows how important the moment is.
    August and Heather’s first real dance.
    They then break apart, joining the circle. The group starts the next round, the girls spinning to their second partner. Heather dances a little differently with everyone; she is extra dramatic to match Josh. She coaches Finn because he’s still struggling. Once Heather reaches Andrew, she and him have fun, as they’ve done this before when she was first learning. Her grandfather and mother add to the group, so he’s her next partner. He makes her laugh as they go through the steps. Rick is a little robotic, even after going almost around the circle. Heather encourages him to loosen up a little. She takes it all with grace.
    But everyone sees that once her hand touches August’s, she’s at home. Once they start their partner routine again, Lucille leaves the music playing while Susan shoos everyone out to something else.
    Jacey peeks in a little later to find Heather teaching August different moves, and when they practice them, they are completely in sync. It’s as if they didn’t even know the group left, or that there are even people within a few miles of them.


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