347.jpgDay 347 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a mysterious character.

Shannon: I ran until I reached the fence. The group was closing in on me and no matter how frantically I searched for an escape I knew I was done running. At least that was until a dark knight showed up on a motorcycle. He stopped in front of me and stared at me with his helmet completely covering his face. He didn’t say a word, and I didn’t have a reason to trust him. Still, it was my best option. I hopped on and escaped to a location I wasn’t familiar with.

“Why did you help me? Who are you?” I questioned, ready to run again as soon as my feet were back on the ground.

He didn’t take off his helmet, “I saw you needed help, so I helped,” he explained.

“That’s it?”

He shrugged, “What more do you want? Are you coming?” He pointed at the door.

“Where are you going?” I scoffed, unsure why he had to be so vague about everything.

“Find out,” he stepped into the doorway.

Erin: Everyone thinks I am so guarded and secretive. There is one person who I let in to see it all however. No one knows who that person is though, so that’s how I keep up the facade.

Who is that person?

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 347

  1. The whole team is tense. Rick isn’t even at the scene, but he can feel it. “Everyone call positions,” August says through the comms, “Night Ghost at opposite roof.”
    “Jade at adjacent roof.”
    “Proton-ess at rear floor.”
    “Starry Knight at opposite floor.”
    “Command at base. Malea, in position?” Rick hears a few tweets through the comms. “Animalia circling above. We’re ready, Ghost.”
    “Nothing’s happening yet. Anything inside Command?”
    Rick moves cameras to look inside. The precinct is quiet, and he can clearly see the chief talking to a middle aged woman sitting in his chair. She has blueish skin, and slits on the side of her neck.
    “We have a water breather, I think,” Rick states.
    “You think?” Finn asks.
    “She has scales and gills, Starry,” Rick says, unamused, “What do you think?”
    Everyone listens to their leader, scoping for anything out of the ordinary.
    ‘Who is this person?’ Rick wonders. He then leans closer to one of his monitors. He touches his headset, “I saw something.”
    “Past tense?”
    “Starry’s side, on the roof-”
    “Move!” August yells as quietly as he can. Rick sees the broken glass inside the room the chief and enhanced woman are in. His team must have heard it. He watches a masked figure knock out the chief, take the enhanced, and jump back out the window.
    “Culprit is headed for Nikki’s side.”
    “I got it!” Jacey says, landing on the rooftop and running.
    Rick sits forward, “Jacey no! Don’t engage!”
    “They’re getting away!” Jacey yells.
    “Someone stop Jacey!” Rick screams.
    He watches from the cameras as Josh passes Jacey in pursuit of the kidnapper. Finn arrives to pull Jacey away from the edge before she would follow the ninja.
    “I’ll circle around. Which way did she go?” August asks.
    “Right.” August breaks to that way, trying to get ahead. Nikki joins him.
    “Let go, we have to help them!” Jacey yells. Finn releases her and they both head after their teammates. “I want an explanation, Command.”
    “We’ll talk when you’re back safely,” Rick says, trying to find cameras to see what’s going on with Josh and the kidnapper.


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