349.jpgDay 349 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Send your characters to a festival.

Shannon: In my town there is this ice festival right around the holidays. I’ve watched it for years admiring the ice sculptors’ works of art, but I never knew how to do it myself. That’s going to change this winter. I’m learning how to sculpt ice. Next year I’m participating.

Erin: The festival of prunes was by far my least favorite that my town threw. Prunes were not meant to be in anything and the day was an excuse to put them in everything. No one won at prune fest.

Time to celebrate.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 349

  1. When everyone split up, Jacey went off on her own. She walks behind a tent, appearing on the other side as a cat. She trots around, looking at all the big tents, games, and rides all around her. It was different seeing everything from a cat’s eye view. Mostly because she can’t see red as a cat, everything is a bit more blurry, and it is easier to see in the dark.
    She finds her teammates every once in a while, and gives them hints to when she sees them. She’s sat next to Nikki one time, nudging her arm a bit. Only then did Nikki give her some of her corndog. She later found Finn and Rick with a funnel cake, and rolled around a bit in order to convince them to let her have some. She then snuck onto a ride with August, which was the only time she shifted out of being a cat since they first came to the festival.
    She wandered around, finding her teammates more than once throughout the night. She had yet to find Josh, though. She then spotted him at the last few acts of a magic show. She starts to walk to him, only to find him distracted by looking at a paper. She follows him as he goes around to the back of the set up.
    She watches him talk to the magician. She leans in for a kiss, then walks away. Josh turns around, finding Jacey scampering off before he can catch her.


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