350 (1).jpgDay 350 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Put your character in extreme weather conditions.

Shannon: Everyone kept asking what we were supposed to do to get away from the extreme cold. It was scary and we couldn’t keep it from creeping into our houses. Everyone was panicking and I didn’t know what to tell them. We had to get to bigger building. One that could lock in the heat without killing us in the process of getting there.

Erin: The ice was so bad that my wheels just continued to spin out. I was cold, with no signal, unable to see three yards ahead or behind with the blizzard. I was certain there was no way I’d ever feel more helpless until I did.

What’s the forecast?

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 350

  1. The team runs down the hall, the soldiers just around the corner they took. “There’s the door!” Jacey yells. She changes into a rhino and runs the door through. Her friends pile out after her. She then stops, turns, and throws the door off her horn and into the opening. It wedges itself in a way that once the soldiers reach it, they are too big to fit through any of the holes.
    “Nice shot,” Heather says, “now let’s…”
    The team looks out at the vast desert before them.
    August turns to look at the door, then grabs the two hands that are closest to him, which happens to be Heather and Finn, and starts to run away from the coming soldiers. “Let’s go.”
    They all run with him, Finn taking his hand back. But Heather holds on tight, running next to him.
    Rick stays by Jacey, and fears what’s ahead of them.


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