357Day 357 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What is making your character’s eyes sparkle?

Shannon: “She looks different, doesn’t she?” Will questioned, unable to take his eyes off her.

I smiled watching him, “Yeah, well she’s got hope now. It’s nice to happy again, isn’t it?”

His smirk grew, “It is.”

Erin: For the first time in forever I could see progress in my journey to my dream and that was everything to me.

Let your character shine a little.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 357

  1. Chris said Jacey needed to stay home when Rick went to the Novelty meeting, because she had a project due that she was procrastinating. When Rick came home, his eyes were sparkling.
    Jacey knew the moment he looked at her; he was given a challenge.
    Chris chuckles when he sees the wheels in his son’s head turning already, “Need me for anything?”
    “Just keep the coffee maker going,” Rick says, heading for the workshop.


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