358Day 358 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: How is your character spending Christmas Eve?

Shannon: She’s going to church with her family, cooking and eating a delicious meal, and finishing some last minute tree decorating.

Erin: Alone. Not lonely. By choice. Having people around constantly makes it hard for her to take care of herself. Someone has to and that is the day she can.

The day before the day.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 358

  1. Jacey was told Santa existed before she went to live with her uncle, but she was also told that she was too bad of a kid to ever get presents from him. When Chris found out this around her first Christmas with them, he decided to squash both lies. He bought her presents and wrapped them, placing them under the tree the day before Christmas.
    “Uncle? Why are there presents under the tree?” Jacey asks.
    Chris kneels down next to his niece, “Because Santa doesn’t give you presents, Jacey. I do. And as long as I live, you will get presents every year. You are a beautiful kind girl, and deserve to be loved by your family.”
    Jacey tears up as she takes this in. She hugs him, then he allows her to open one present, so she can be assured that he was telling the truth.


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