361Day 361 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character with two sides.

Shannon: “Why are you always so mean to him?”

“Because one of us has to be. You’re a push-over, I’m protecting you. Just appreciate it,” she explained as she continued to cling to the controls.

“From what?” I attempted to overpower her, but I couldn’t win.

“From heartbreak.” She finally looked at me for a second but soon turned back to the screen. “You forget too easily…I don’t.”

Erin: She was programmed with two emotional settings. Happy and angry. The only problem was she wasn’t programmed with any logic. Anything could trigger her. There was no telling what would.

What does each side of your character look like?

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 361

  1. To most, Jacey is very sweet. She’s gentle with animals, kids, and elderly. She always wants to help and wears pastels and skirts, with her hair up in a comb.
    But there are those that catch her on a bad day. She can be a hurricane, all wind and biting rain. And when she gained her powers, she has to handle her temper, or it will turn her into something that is dangerous to others.
    Safe to say, Jacey is not one to mess with, because she will mess up her offender.


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