362 (2)Day 362 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Send your character into their domain.

Shannon: The school’s art room was had to be one of the best places in the world. I had free rein over all the supplies and my only limitation was my imagination. There wasn’t on tool in the room that I hadn’t learn to master, but choosing was still hard. I was a little unconventional in that way. I liked to mix.

Erin: I didn’t realize school was for me until I had my first college lecture. In that room education started to make sense and how I fit into it started to make sense. There I could thrive. I was no longer feeling stuck and stagnant.

Take us there.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 362

  1. A.
    Chris wanted to make Jacey tenth birthday special. He decided to take her to the zoo. When they arrived, Jacey stared at every animal exhibit with a look Chris didn’t understand. They spent the entire day there, and Jacey didn’t speak much during. Chris started to wonder if the zoo was a good idea.
    Then Jacey looked at him as they were driving home and asked, “Can we go again? I liked the animals.”
    It became a monthly thing, until Jacey was old enough to go alone. And then she got a job there.
    Rick and Chris went to the Stark Industries building for a tour. The last bit was the R&D labs. Rick walked in, finding rows of gadgets in development, counters, tools, and a view of the city behind one way glass.
    “A beauty, don’t you think?” Rick turns to see Tony dismiss the tour guide. He shakes hands with Chris, then turns to Rick.
    Rick hesitates before shaking his hand, “Better than what we have.”
    “Thought so, although what I’ve seen from you doesn’t show it,” Tony compliments, “looking at your budget and lack of a sponsor as you were made it evident.”
    “Thanks,” Rick states.
    “Well, why don’t you play around a little. See if it’s a good fit,” Tony says, “Something tells me, this is your environment, Rick.”


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