363Day 363 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a magical piece of clothing.

Shannon: They were giving away the gloves at the shelter. I just grabbed a pair to keep my hands warm while I walked to school. I didn’t know what the gloves were capable of until one day I decided not to take them off. I just wanted to test them out, because I had developed a theory over time and I was right. If I touched someone with my fabric-covered fingertips, I was suddenly on their radar. Something most people wouldn’t need magic for, but for me it take a miracle to people on my side. Now I guess all I needed was this pair of gloves and a plan for what I should do with my new power.

Erin: My power to make not only me but objects invisible was mostly used for my petty wants. Until the day I made them my legacy and livelihood. That was the day I transformed the bra as women knew them. Strapless, backless, and cutout dresses were no longer a nightmare. As long as users remembered to put on the finder bow on when they were not using them they wouldn’t have a closet full of lost and useless bras in the corner.

Let the clothing work some magic.

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