363Day 363 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a magical piece of clothing.

Shannon: They were giving away the gloves at the shelter. I just grabbed a pair to keep my hands warm while I walked to school. I didn’t know what the gloves were capable of until one day I decided not to take them off. I just wanted to test them out, because I had developed a theory over time and I was right. If I touched someone with my fabric-covered fingertips, I was suddenly on their radar. Something most people wouldn’t need magic for, but for me it take a miracle to people on my side. Now I guess all I needed was this pair of gloves and a plan for what I should do with my new power.

Erin: My power to make not only me but objects invisible was mostly used for my petty wants. Until the day I made them my legacy and livelihood. That was the day I transformed the bra as women knew them. Strapless, backless, and cutout dresses were no longer a nightmare. As long as users remembered to put on the finder bow on when they were not using them they wouldn’t have a closet full of lost and useless bras in the corner.

Let the clothing work some magic.

1 thought on “WRITING PROMPT: DAY 363

  1. After Nikki and Rick bonded a bit, they collaborated together to turn Jacey Kaplite ore into a clip for her to wear. The leftovers were used to make an ornament previously mentioned. It doesn’t add to her abilities, but it is the material that gave her the ability to shape shift.


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