Writing Prompt: Day 233

233.jpgDay 233 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a myth about what an eclipse means.

Erin: The solar eclipse is when evil finally concurs good.

Shannon: An eclipse messes with the world order. If things have gone well for you in the past, then you won’t be so lucky in the future. If your past has been hard, then you will find a silver lining. The world is about to change, let’s hope it’s for the better.

When the sun and the moon align.

Writing Prompt: Day 232

232.jpgDay 232 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Create a unique from of transportation.

Shannon: “I saw you guys riding around in that couch on wheels the other day. Though I did laugh, I have to admit it looked like a lot of fun,” I mentioned, unable to hold back a smile at the memory of them rolling down the hill with their makeshift steering wheel.

“You want to drive it don’t you,” he questioned, giving me a couple eyebrow raises.

“Maybe,” I hummed. “Is it still alive?”

“Absolutely not,” he laughed proudly.

Erin: My favorite form of transportation was taking a shrinking serum and catching a ride on a drone my friend flew.

It’s not about where they are going, but how they get there.

Writing Prompt: Day 231

231.jpgDay 231 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Drop your character in a portal to a mystery location.

Shannon: Everything on the other side of the portal was so vibrant and breathtaking. And that was before I realized most of it was alive. The colorful leaves on the trees were actually butterflies that fluttered off the bare branches as we walked past. They filled the sky like a cloud above our heads and then they settled back on the tree. Turns out after you see one strange thing move, you start to notice everything else that’s moving too.

Erin: The fall was dark and long. At the end though there was light, almost blinding. When I could see however the beauty nearly brought me to tears.

Take your character places.

Writing Prompt: Day 230

230.jpgDay 230 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a community of strangers living together.

Shannon: “Why do you always have to be such a jerk,” I questioned, taking the toothbrush out of my mouth.

He took a gulp of water and made me sit through his gargling before he acknowledged my question. “I’m not being a jerk, this is who I am. Get used to it,” he flashed his teeth before turning to walk out.

“No,” I argued, but spit into the sink quick before following him. “You don’t get to rule this house just because you have a temper,” I pointed my toothbrush at him. “None of us want to be here,” I looked around at our housemates watching my hissy fit, and lowered my arm, “Why do you have to make it worse?”

“Am I making it worse?” He looked to group he had bullied since we got here.

“Sometimes,” Carol spoke up nervously. “You can do a better job of sharing,” she admitted.

“And compromising,” Eric added.

He huffed, “We’ll at least I say what’s on my mind. Nice to finally know how you all feel.”

Erin: Living with an entire community of peers felt strange. I was used to nosey old lady down the street who brought over cookies periodically. Then there was the little neighbor girl who would always get her toys in our yard. The newlywed couple we watched slowly wear on each other until it was just the divorced thirty something man. I liked the variation, it made me remember where I had been and where my life would potentially end up. The first day of orientation we were all fresh from high school, starting college, looking for friends, and in a vacuum. I decided I would stay aware of the world outside of our bubble, so my culture shock stayed at bay in four some years.

Who are these people?

Writing Prompt: Day 228

228.jpgDay 228 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What is your character’s go-to wish?

Shannon: I wish I could find a place where I belong, one where I don’t have to change who I am to fit in.

Erin: Every day I wish for a happy surprise and when I’m looking most days I get one.

What did your character wish for?

Writing Prompt: Day 227

227.jpgDay 227 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Give your character a chance to be young again.

Shannon: “So what are you saying, it’s like some kind of summer camp for adults?” I shrugged a shoulder.

“Basically, but instead the summer is all about team bonding. That’s all you guys have to worry about, just have fun and get to know each other again. None of you are allowed to quit until you finish this program. It’s in your contracts,” our manager Kim, explained, revealing more information about our real destination.

“It’s not going to work,” Elise shook her head and stared out the window, “Why do we have to drag this out?”

I pressed my lips to the side for a second, not knowing myself if this could solve anything, but then we pulled up to a sign and I heard the shock in the other three before I felt it myself.

“Camp Borrelli,” Jade whispered under her breath. It was the same camp where we had first met as kids.

“So will you give it a chance,” Kim smirked, already knowing eveyone’s answer.

Erin: Waking up in tiny bed under the roof of parents is an unsettling feeling. Not just because when I went to bed I was thirty and woke up thirteen, but because it seems wrong. Waking up to my mom slaving over the stove to make me pancakes was wrong. Saturday morning cartoons instead of the news was wrong. No alarm was wrong. Being taken care of instead of taking care of everything was wrong.

Or was it? Maybe this magical week or, day, or whatever it was could be a blessing in disguise. I decided I would cherish it.

Give your character more youth.

Writing Prompt: Day 226

226.jpgDay 226 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Explain a character’s tattoo.

Shannon: I got a tattoo of a star on my foot a few weeks after my grandmother died. I’d never lost someone I was so close to up to that point, and I had never permanently marked my skin either. On a whim one night, when I couldn’t stop thinking about how we’d never share another memory together, I decided to get it done. I didn’t want to forget her so I made her memory a part of me. The image makes me want to look up every time I see it. And when I look up I remember I’m alive, and I remember I’ve got someone watching over me.

Erin: I wish that I could say the little flower on my wrist meant something, but it doesn’t. Which is annoying because it takes twice as long to explain. When I try to say there is no meaning it takes about twenty minutes to explain to the questioner that I am hiding some deep dark secret. Sometimes I make up a fake story to ease the experience.

Your character has a meaningful mark, tell us about it.

Writing Prompt: Day 225

225.pngDay 225 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What is your character’s favorite season?

Shannon: I love the summer. There’s nothing better than realizing you no longer have to snuggle into a warm jacket. Then when your skin is exposed, the world becomes your own personal heater. Plus the water warm up too, and you can swim, another one of the many perks of summer life.

Erin: I’m one of those weird people who loves winter more than any other season. The beauty of a city blanketed in white, glistening powder makes up for the life-threatening driving situation. My warm morning drinks tasted so much more satisfying. If I could spend my life wrapped in sweaters and blankets I would. I can’t get enough ice-skating and skiing. To me it truly is a wonderland that time of year.

What time of year does your character love most?

Writing Prompt: Day 224

224.jpgDay 224 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What are your character’s biggest insecurities?

Shannon: I’ve always been insecure about my height. I guess it started when I was younger, and taller than all of the other kids in my class, which maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if I was boy, but as a girl it wasn’t ideal. There were times when I felt out of place, and I felt like some kind of freak show. I wanted to blend in, but it’s hard to hide when you feel like a giant. Nowadays I don’t feel so out of place, because more people have caught up, but I still have moments when I’m afraid to stand up and I’m afraid to stand out.

Erin: She had the weirdest things she was embarrassed about: her laugh, which was adorable; her hair, which was a beautifully texture; and her demeanor, which warmed everyone around her.

What does your character worry about?