Writing Prompt: Day 255

255.jpgDay 255 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write this story.

Erin: My art teacher knew how to take my panting to the next level. I needed to stop painting all together for a period. The concept seemed counter intuitive but my teacher seemed knowledgeable. So, I went on faith that she was taking me in the right direction. It started with basic dance and the dance turned into an underwater routine. Once I graduated the class I could finally take my brush to the canvas again. My art encompassed the rhythm of the music and the flow of the waves. Painting wasn’t just in the techniques, but in the experiences behind them.

Shannon: This school was the coolest thing I’d ever been a part of, and probably ever would be a part of for the rest of my life. It was full of artists, and not just anyone with artistic talent. Everyone here was recruited because someone, we call them “spies”, saw our work and thought it was unique enough to deserve one of the few spots they handed out.

I’ve seen ballet dancers who outgrown the typical routines. They need to be pushed, and this is the only place that allows them to reach their full potential. It’s the same way with the actors and singers. They want more. They just don’t know it exists until they come here.

My roommate is a dancer, and her own choreographer. She’s never liked playing by the rules, so she loves it here. She even started a new under water dancing team.

Me on the other hand, I’m not a performer. I leave my art on the page, where it has to fend for itself. I’m still trying to understand what makes me different, and why I’m here, but they say the “spies” are never wrong. I just need to trust them.

Connect the dots.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 255

  1. Josh was excited when Finn said Heather and August would be dropping into New York for Alya’s dance performance. He knows she loves music. The two arrive, Heather in a dark blue dress with a lacy top. The group goes in and sits down. The dance starts, with ballerinas in black tutus flitting across the stage.
    The music surprises Heather as it takes a different turn, than what one expects from ballet. It has slightly rock undertones, maybe even a little soul.
    There are dancers with harnesses, swimming against the blue and green background. Alya is one of them, in jeans and a black crop top. Her hair is styled to almost go against gravity. The light changes to move with a imaginary water current. The dancers hold onto each other’s hands, or let go to fall through the air. At the end, there are some that go up to the ‘surface’ while the rest fall to the floor as the song comes to a close.
    They all stand, clapping. Then Finn drags them to the greeting area. Alya put on a loose sweater over her shirt. She and Heather meet, and Heather learns that she’s a friend of Finn’s from art class. Josh watches Heather animately talk to Alya about the dance and her thoughts. Alya’s eyes light up and put her own voice into the topic.
    The three boys watch the girls talk, and Nikki finds them to drag them out for a celebratory dinner. Alya is invited with, of course. She is the star after all.


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