Writing Prompt: Day 256

256.jpgDay 256 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your character makes something beautiful out of very little.

Shannon: “I like what you did with the place Jerry.” I sat down across from the guy I befriended a few months ago. Whenever I saw him he was typically hanging out under a blue tarp that he took with him wherever he ended up for the night.

He glanced back to see what I was talking about, and when he turned to me again there was a subtle smile on his face. He had painted his house with these beautiful patterns, and I was memorized with his new background. “I found perfectly good paints by the dumpster. I guess I’m lucky people don’t know how to appreciate what they have,” he explained.

“They’ll never know what they missed out on,” I agreed.

He reached up to tap the roof. “It makes me feel powerful,” he revealed. “Like I’m worth something,” he looked up, so I couldn’t read his face.

“That’s because you are,” I reminded him.

Erin: His secret was literally rags to riches. He took patches, but instead of patching he created. He sewed them together and created the most beautiful gowns. The overlooked became beautiful in the right hands. He knew how to bring it out.

Find the beauty in the minimal. 

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 256

  1. Josh had noticed that Kalen wasn’t present for the last two weeks of sessions. As a green belt, he rarely ever missed class. He asked around, and found out, from one of Kalen’s friends, that the student was sick with mono.
    Josh thinks about that, then disappears into the office. He looks around the room. He takes a thick piece of paper and folds it in half. He takes out a pen and starts writing inside it. When he’s done with the note, he signs it. But the front is a little blank.
    He scans the room again, finding a box of bandaids on the shelf. He takes one out, sticking it on the front. He draws arms, legs, and a little face on it. Underneath, he writes ‘Get Well Soon’ in his curly script. He puts it in an envelope and writes Kalen’s name on the front.
    At the end of the class, he hands it to Kalen’s friend to give him.


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