Writing Prompt: Day 257

257.jpgDay 257 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character who watches over people.

Erin: Being an RA can be like being a babysitter. Sure, the residents are adults, but they don’t really know how to be yet. They know what they need to do, they want to do that, but they are figuring it out still. The freshman are the worst. The know the least and they have a lot of tantrums in the form of getting drunk.

Shannon: I follow a human. He’s a male and he’s been a bit of a hassle to keep track of. His whole life I’ve been protecting him from the death spirits. It seems he’s prone to them. The other guardians don’t have to work as hard as me, but they all admit they’re impressed at how long I’ve kept this one. Sure he’s tough, but I have to admit, I’ve grown quite fond of him.

Who does your character oversee?

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 257

  1. Mikio walks into the empty dojo studio to find her boys arguing. “[Both of you, stop fighting!]” she yells. They stop and look at her. “Now,” she says, setting what she was carrying on a chair, “Someone tell me what this was about?”
    Josh opens his mouth, but then August steps forward, “He won’t let me train!”
    “That’s not what happened!” Josh yells.
    Josh doesn’t look her in the eye.
    “Augustus, why do you think that was?”
    “Because he wants me to stay his little, weaker brother,” August decides firmly.
    “No-” Josh stops the complaint with one look from his mother.
    “Augustus, I’d like to talk to your brother.”
    August leaves for the office. When the two are alone, Mikio sighs.
    “Mama, that’s not why I told him to stop training,” Josh states.
    “Joshua…” she sighs.
    “He’s straining himself, Mama,” Josh says. He looks at the door to the office, “he’s pushing himself so hard. He doesn’t have to. He might hurt himself, so I tell him to go easier. Then he blows up about me not wanting him to be strong.”
    Mikio kneels down, setting her hands on the boy’s shoulders. She looks up at his face. Josh tries to hold back the tears, but she wipes them away. “I understand. I understand, [my son].”
    “He’s… he’s different, Mama,” he sniffs, “I don’t want my brother to change.”
    “He will change, Joshua,” Mikio says softly, “he went through something difficult.”
    “I don’t want him to be weak, but-”
    “But what, Joshua?”
    He was hoping she’d finish his sentence for him. “I’m his older brother. It’s my job to watch over him.”
    “I’m sure you can tell him that. Or better yet, show him that.”
    “…Why did that have to happen?” Josh asks.
    Mikio hug Josh, feeling his chin hook over her shoulder. “I do not know, Joshua. I do not know.”


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