Writing Prompt: Day 302

302Day 302 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about carving pumpkins.

Shannon: It had been a while since I’d picked up my old carving tool kit. When people stopped showing up to our Halloween display, I slowly lost interest in my favorite pastime. What was the point anymore, when I was the only one who would ever enjoy my creations? But as I unzipped the kit, and stared at my worn-out tools, I felt a longing to make one more beautiful mess.

Erin: I love the end results of carving pumpkins and the actual carving of them. The only part I can’t stand is the gutting of the pumpkin. The slime all over my hands and in-between my fingers almost deters me from the act, but I just love those glowing faces.

Pumpkin Art.

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