Writing Prompt: Day 302

302Day 302 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about carving pumpkins.

Shannon: It had been a while since I’d picked up my old carving tool kit. When people stopped showing up to our Halloween display, I slowly lost interest in my favorite pastime. What was the point anymore, when I was the only one who would ever enjoy my creations? But as I unzipped the kit, and stared at my worn-out tools, I felt a longing to make one more beautiful mess.

Erin: I love the end results of carving pumpkins and the actual carving of them. The only part I can’t stand is the gutting of the pumpkin. The slime all over my hands and in-between my fingers almost deters me from the act, but I just love those glowing faces.

Pumpkin Art.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 302

  1. Nikki walks into the house, kicking off her shoes. “I’m home, Auntie!”
    She walks into the kitchen as Carina says, “Good, because I didn’t want to carve these all on my own.”
    Nikki puts her backpack on a chair, eyeing the small cluster of pumpkins sitting on a newspaper covered floor. “I think you’re getting a bit ambitious.”
    “Maybe,” Carina shrugs. She already has pencils and knives out. “Was Jacey going to come over? Or, uhh… who’s your artist friend…?” Carina mutters to herself, looking at the ceiling like it can help. Then her head tilts back to normal, “Finn!”
    Nikki shakes her head, “No, they can’t come.”
    “Oh. …Okay. Well, guess it’s just us,” Carina then picks out a pumpkin. Nikki washes her hands and changes into clothes she doesn’t mind getting pumpkin on. As they start drawing out their designs, Nikki looks at her aunt out of the corner of her eye.
    “…I’m… I’m going to be busy tomorrow evening.”
    Carina stares at her pumpkin. Nikki can’t tell if she’s considering the drawing or thinking about her words. Then her aunt picks up the pencil again and starts drawing more. “You know it’s Hall-”
    “Halloween, I know.” Nikki nods, “I’ll be out with my friends. And… I’m staying the night at Jacey’s.”
    Carina is silent again. She then picks up a small poking stick and works at the top her her pumpkin. “…Okay.”
    Nikki just nods, feeling the worst of getting to the team is over.
    “Have fun.”
    “We will.”


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