Writing Prompt: Day 25


 Day 25 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Lucky by Britney Spears

Shannon: “You’ve won the lottery of lives my friend,” Jack observed as he brushed his hand down a rack of clothes inside my huge walk-in closet. “I envy your world,” he moaned dramatically. He was still the same guy I knew in high school. If I was still the same girl from high school, maybe we would have reunited sooner.

“Trust me, you don’t want my life,” I shook my head.

“Are you kidding me? I know you deal with a lot of crap, but itsn’t it worth getting everything you ever wanted,” he put up his arms to display the enormity of my place.

I sat down on the couch, “I thought it was what I wanted, because I thought everything about this would make me happy. People love me, people listen to me, I have a job that people respect, and I have more money than I know what to do with. Being honest, that person who has-it-all isn’t even me. She’s not real. She’s just a shell,” I felt lifeless as I told the truth, as if it didn’t matter to keep it hidden.

“But you seem like you’re being so real on camera,” Jack sat down next to me, calmer and willing to hear me out.

I huffed, “Yeah with my fake celebrity boyfriend who I only have because I told the guy I actually love to take a hike, pretending he never mattered to me at all. I walk on eggshells in every interview trying to remember what I can and cannot say. I wear outfits that I hate and protest against, but in the end it’s never my decision. I’m not just criticized by strangers, no I’m criticized everyday by people who are looking out for my career,” I ranted, releasing it all as if he were my shrink. “And worst of all I never see you anymore,” I broke down. “You were my best friend. I could tell you anything. It’s been four years and I never got back to you.”

He shrugged, trying to hide how much I’d hurt him. “It’s ok. You’ve been busy,” he looked away.

“I’ve been ashamed,” I corrected. “And you didn’t even get mad at me. It’s like I’m not even worth your real emotions anymore.” I bit my bottom lip as I wiped my eyes.

He thought for bit, leaving us to sit in silence. Then he furrowed his brow and scowled. “You bitch, you think you’re too good for your friends,” he spoke through his teeth.

I immediately cry-smiled. “What was that?” The way he said it sounded so ridiculous, especially coming from his mouth.

“Did it make you feel better?” He started smiling proudly.

“Yeah a little,” I nodded.

He smiled bigger. “Maybe you’re still in there then,” he pointed with a flick of his wrist, and I believed him.

Erin: “I quit,” she screamed threating my entire career.

“You can’t quit being a famous singer,” I argued.

“I never asked for this and I don’t like this,” she ripped off her $1655 gown in a fit of rage.

“You don’t know how lucky you have life,” I rolled my eyes ready to storm out.

“I had a normal life, I had normal friends, I was happy at one point. Don’t act like I am an idiot,” a tear dripped out of her eye and I realized she was actually serious.

“You have friends, I’m a friend,” I tried to make up for my harsh reaction.

“You’re my employee, I pay you. I pay for everything that makes everyone jealous. No matter how much things and people I buy, they don’t bring me any joy.” I would have been insulted, but I just felt sorry for her.

If Britney Spears can’t inspire you to write… I don’t know what will?