Writing Prompt: Day 38

38.jpg Day 38 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Incorporate these 3 words: Ledge, Obsession, & Armchair.

Shannon: I once knew a man who was obsessed with ledges. He had what could only be described as a primitive drive to go to the top of every building he found himself in. I didn’t know how, but he could always get past the strictest security and find his way to the top.

He wasn’t doing it to chase danger, or taunt death, but instead to take in the view. He never grew up with the greatest of means, and he refused to stay under anyone’s thumb. When we reached the top once said if he could get the highest point, than at least for a moment he above them. I guess it’s where he drew his power.

I’ve heard from friends that he lives on a mountain now. He traded in his roofs for nature, and he actually owns the property, so it’s actually legal this time. Apparently he placed an armchair outside close to an edge and he watches the world underneath him, like some kind of king. I wish I could shake my head and smile at his strange fascinations, but when I think of him up there it reminds me I’ve never found anything that could give me that kind of joy.

They tell us obsessions are bad, but they are unconditional in the moment, and for just one day I’d like to know what feels like to be carried away by one of my own.

Erin: “Keyon, what are you doing,” I ran out and yanked him off of the armchairs armrest he was standing on.

“I’m a super hero,” he whined, tucking his bed sheet back into the neck of his shirt. He had developed an obsession with powers ever since he watched his first classic hero’s tale.

“No, you are not,” I scolded. “You are a little boy who is going to break his neck.”

“No, when I jump off the ledge I will learn how to fly,” he tried to climb back up to the arm.

“I will put you in a time out if you don’t stop trying to kill yourself,” I yanked him back by the waistband of his pants.

Stretch these words.