Writing Prompt: Day 51

51.jpgDay 51 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the exact moment your character realizes he/she is in love.

Shannon: “When did you first know you were in love with me,” Will asked as we laying on a blanket in the sand, relaxing by the beach.

I took a deep breath in and stretched my arms above my head. Why did he have to start with a hard one? I turned around to lie on my stomach and rest my cheek on my arms so I could get a better look at him. “Do you remember when we broke up?”

“I tried not to think about it,” he turned his head to stare back at me.

“I actually like to think about it,” I disagreed, “because one day I was walking alone just thinking and eventually the roulette wheel in my mind landed on you, which wasn’t big surprise. I tried to spin again, but it was stuck. When I was thinking I came to this epiphany that I was always going to care about you. You were different than any of my other relationships. I didn’t ever want to forget about you, even if we never saw each other again. That’s how I knew, and I just hoped it would work out in the end, and that you would feel the same,” I shrugged my shoulders slightly. “Now you tell me. When did you know?”

He shook his head, “That’s not how this game works. You have to ask a different question,” he smirked.

“No come on, tell me.” I begged.

He stuck to his guns, “You’re just going to have to wait for another day.”

Erin: “Hello,” Frank answered the phone with some question in his voice. “What’s up?”

“We need to talk,” I said dreading the conversation we were about to have.

“Okay, what do we need to talk about,” he sounded so secure.

“Well,” I started. “I think we need to take a step back.”

“A step back,” he repeated with confusion in his voice.

“I just need a little more space than you’re willing to give me,” I tried not to mumble too much. I always mumbled when I was nervous.

“Since when, I thought you liked me keeping you in my day,” his voice started to fade out.

“You need to know where I am at all times, you’re always at my place on the weekend, I can’t escape you,” I didn’t consider holding back until my words were already out.

“Because I love you and care about what you’re up to,” he asked.

“I feel smothered.”

“Okay fine, I’ll ignore you some days,” he offered.

“I was thinking more of a step back,” I stuttered slightly.

“How far,” he waited.

“All the way back. I don’t think I am the type of girl for you,” I respected him too much to not cut the ties completely.

“Well okay then,” he hung up without a farewell. Those three words were the last that I heard from him. That night when I didn’t hear from him couldn’t sleep. In the morning I could barely breath, too bad I didn’t realize I loved him until I heard him hang up on me.

Write about the moment when the relationship your characters have change.