Writing Prompt: Day 6


Day 6 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Choose one letter from the alphabet and write a short story only using major words that start with that letter. (Small, 3 letter and under, filler words can start with other letters)

Shannon: “Perhaps,” Penelope pondered as she passed the pudding, “People pick partners poorly.”

“Please,” Paula puffed, placing the plate on her pants. “Popular practice of prenuptials prove you preposterous. Provide proof.”

“Proudly,” she plopped on the patio pillow. “Past my previewing of potential princes perceived by you, percentages prove partners prefer to be parted.”

“Pitiful Penelope, you push pain to my pupils,” she pouted. “Parting is not peaceful but positive. For passion precedes all peril. My pouting pranks perception, but I am profoundly pleased with my past. Pursuing my potential prince is priceless.”

“Pursing him poorly,” I peeped, purposefully.

“Patience prevails. Prepare to be pleasantly puzzled.”

Erin: Carl couldn’t contemplate Cathryn’s confidence. Cathryn could command a crowd. Carl couldn’t command a child. Consequently, captivating Carl came easy for Cath. Carl’s conviction in ceaselessly cherishing her charm could crush a captains control of a crew. Cathryn was contagious. Cathryn changed Carl.

This is a great way to realize you are in desperate need of a bigger, better vocabulary. Share your attempt in the comments or wherever we (AKA @pelkysisters) are found!