Writing Prompt: Day 8


Day 8 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your character is shrunk to the size of a gummy bear… Now what?

Erin: “How do we get in there,” Lilly pointed nearly all the way to the ceiling. That is how huge the fridge had gotten. She had to point her arm as high as she could to have her finger in the direction of the top.

“Are you insane,” I screamed.

“We were shrunk in our coats. That has to be a sign,” she argued. “Now, stop being a party pooper and help me get in there,” she jumped trying to reach the bottom of the door, to no avail.

“You are being an idiot. That thing is bigger than a skyscraper right now. The door is one trillion times heavier than you,” I sat down to prove my point.

“Trillion, that’s dramatic,” she continued jumping starting to pant.

“Is it,” I grabbed a crumb from the floor and it was heavy. “Look at this,” I showed her what was about the size of a beach ball with our current height.

“Wow,” she seemed genuinely surprised for some odd reason. I wasn’t sure how she could be surprised by anything anymore.

A thundering came from the hallway. “Mom,” I groaned sure of our impending death.

“Mom,” Lilly cheered until she saw the threat our gigantic creator had become. When she opened the fridge the ground shook.

“Oops,” our mother exclaimed as a fast food ketchup packet dropped to the floor nearly crushing my sister, who seemed to not understand that was a bad place to be.

“This is our chance,” Lilly grabbed my hand and before I knew it I was dragged onto the packed and holding on for dear life. We whipped up into the air like an amusement park ride and were shot off when our mom placed us down. After our mom grabbed her apple we were left in complete darkness and I rubbed my hurting side. “Yes,” Lily turned on her phone light and shined it around.

“What the flipping hell Lil,” I screamed and she completely ignored me.

“Yay, yes, yes, yes,” she sprinted toward the huge pan of jello from her birthday party. She grabbed onto the cling film and grabbed fistfuls, slowly making her way up.

“What are you doing,” I grumbled leaning against a block of cheese.

“Utilizing a moment while I have it,” she swayed a little getting over the ledge, and eventually stood on the side.

“You’re going to kill yourself,” I sassed.

“You’re already dead,” she flashed the light at me and then took out a pocket knife. She cut a hole in the film and I almost believed her statement as she yelled, “Cowabunga.” That was of course until I saw the phone lodge into the jello with her body. They were both trapped by the jello crack they had created. The light slowly faded to darkness. I let her come to the conclusion on her own. “That was a lifelong dream, but I must say was quite anticlimactic,” I listened to her stupidity in the dark.

“You think,” I added. “That phone may have been able to call mom. You just lost our only chance of us making it out of this nightmare alive. We are going to freeze to death in her,” my teeth chattered.

Shannon: I decided to spend the rest of my lunch in search of a good book. Once I found it, I had enough time to spare to get a good start on it before my next class. “Is this seat taken,” I questioned the girl sitting alone at a table in the back of the library. I’d often seen her alone and never had the courage to ask if she was in need of company until today.

She didn’t respond immediately, and looked a little nervous. “Um, it’s not taken…but a…I don’t know if you might not want too,” she whisper very quietly.

“No I want to” I ensured her. “I’m weird, I like reading with company and I don’t have lot of friends who spend much time here. Thanks for putting up with me,” I joked. “My name is April by the way.”

There was a slight delay, but the corners of her mouth lifted into a kind smile. “That’s not weird,” she shook her head, “And my name is Amber,” she added before looking back to her book. I tried to read the title in case I had ever heard of it, but it looked like it was written in another language that I wasn’t familiar with.

I started reading my book too and really enjoyed the first chapter, but as I continued the words seemed to be getting larger. Then the table started growing too. I was shrinking into the chair and I felt like a little kid. And when I shrunk even smaller I started panicking, afraid I was disappearing, but finally I stopped. I was now standing in the middle of the chair. I figured I couldn’t be any bigger than the size of a bug.

“Oh my gosh,” I’m so sorry, Amber’s booming voice apologized as her shadow towered over me. “Here, I can fix you,” she put her hand in front of me and the wind from her movement knocked me over. This was bad. I regained my footing and was just barely able to hoist myself into her palm.

“Slowly,” I warned and I crawled to the middle digging my nails into her skin to get a safe grip.

She discretely raised me to face level with her back to the rest of the library. “What did you say,” she whispered.

“I said move slowly. It’s a big fall from up here. How did you do this,” I shouted, freaking out.

“I was reading spells,” she admitted ashamed. “I’m sorry I didn’t think they would work. I didn’t think I had the magic to pull them off, and I told you not to sit next to me.”

“Are you a witch,” I asked without fear. I was mostly just intrigued. This was pretty spectacular and she seemed harmless enough.

“We don’t prefer that term. We like to call ourselves magicians.”

“Well congratulations, you’re one hell of a good magician. Can you change me back before I get busted for skipping class?”

“I’ll try,” she stated, unsure. “And you won’t tell anyone will you?”

“I promise I won’t. I don’t think anyone would believe me anyway,” I shrugged.

“Ok,” she placed her hand on the table and I hopped off, happy to be on solid ground. “Get to the end of the table, so you don’t cause a scene when you grow. I don’t think anyone has noticed yet.”

I guess we were decently hidden, but even if we were in plain sight I wondered if our peers would have been observant enough to notice. Everything on the table looked like the biggest oddly colored trees I’d ever seen in my life. I ran to the end of the table and scooted myself so my legs were dangling over the edge. I glanced up at the wall of books in front of me. I always wanted to venture to the world’s largest library someday, but this took my dream to another level. It was beautiful.

I heard Amber whispering behind me some nonsense language. After a while of nothing happening I turned back looking for a progress update. “I don’t want you to panic, but it’s not working. I’ll keep trying, but you may be stuck like that for a bit until I can get help,” she winced ready to be scolded.

I felt my heartbeat pick up. I wanted to freak out, or at least get mad, but as I looked around at the vastness of the room I started to realize this could be fun. I turned around and walked over to leap on top of the page in her book. The words covered the ground the size of a gym floor. I brushed the page with my fingers, and smiled. “That’s ok, but you’ve got to protect me,” I demanded pointing up at her.

“Of course,” she nodded just before the bell rang. “Come on,” she plucked me up by the back of my shirt and placed me in the hood of her sweatshirt, so I could hide behind her hair. This was going to be one crazy ride.

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