Writing Prompt: Day 57

57.jpgDay 57 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character winning an award.

Erin: “You should have been at the awards show today,” I told Lark as I came in with Lincoln. “Tell your daddy what happened,” I squatted down and ruffled his curls.

“I won a trophy,” he beamed up at his father.

“Yeah sport,” he grabbed the plastic from his hand and studied the engraving.

“Best snacks,” he read out loud and I could see him fighting back a laugh. “Congrats bud,” he wrapped him up tight in his arms. “Go find a nice place for it in your room,” he suggested and patted him on the back.

As Lincoln ran off giggling Lark smiled up at me. “Yeah everyone got an award,” I confirmed.

“This one seems more like a win for you,” he hugged me and kissed my forehead. “Congratulations on your major award sweetheart!”

Shannon: My boyfriend and I were competing against each other in a dessert competition, and the crowds were voting on their favorites now. We could have worked together, but we couldn’t agree on what dish we wanted to serve and ended up entering separately. We didn’t mind, because we both agreed to be civil no matter who won. We also made a pact to complain together, if neither of won anything.

We got up to the stage to hear the results and neither of are names were called for second, third, or fourth place. My hopes started to dim, believing both of us must have odd taste buds, because our skill levels couldn’t be that different from each other. Then suddenly my name was called, and they were handing me a trophy and a t-shirt. I felt spark of joy running through my whole body and the crowd applauded, a little in shock, but then I looked over to Dan and the spark was scared away. I didn’t want to beat him by so much. This wasn’t as I pictured it would be.

After we got off the stage he put out his arms to give me a hug. “Go ahead, say I told you so,” he pouted.

“No, the crowd was just in my favor today,” I shook my head.

“So now you get to make the desserts for the town ceremony,” he questioned a little disappointed. I knew how much he wanted people to love his food, and the ceremony was the perfect place to show off his talents.

“Well I can’t do it alone, and I don’t trust anyone else to help, so if you’d be interested maybe it could be a team effort,” I asked.

“If you missed cooking with me, you just had to tell me,” he joked, trying to act like he was the one doing me a favor.

“Yes, I missed cooking with you,” I rolled my eyes.

“Ok then, if you insist,” he cheered.

What is your character the champion of?