Writing Prompt: Day 50

50 (2).jpgDay 50 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character finding out they are the chosen one.

Erin: “One of us has to go in first,” Bree worried looking at the woods. The trees looked so much less intimidating in the daylight.

“Do we,” I asked suspicious.

“Yes, I dropped my phone. I need to call my parents,” Lola reminded.

“Don’t you have your parent’s number memorized,” I felt a shiver. “You can borrow my phone.”

“No I don’t have it memorized, I have it in my phone,” she nearly started crying.

“Okay, okay,” Bree started to become ornery. “Just go we’ll help you find it.”

“I can’t go in first,” she shook her head. “I’m scared.”

“Well no shit,” I agreed. “But this is your phone,” I grumbled.

“I’m not in the right emotional state,” she said looking down to her feet.

“I guess since you two are a bunch of babies I will just lead the way,” Bree approached the entrance to the forest.

“Yes, you should,” Lola offered.

“I second that nomination,” I agreed.

Shannon: “What do you want,” the front secretary questioned with a feed up tone in her voice, after hanging up the phone.

“Yes um,” I stuttered as I walked up to her desk, “I received this letter ordering me to come here today,” I explained as I handed it over, “and that’s it. I don’t if it was a mistake, and I’m sorry if is, but I didn’t want to risk it.”

She looked it over and then looked at me over the top of her reading glasses. “No. No mistake. We’ve been waiting for you,” she smiled, no longer blatantly upset about my presence. “Take a seat. I’ll call Edwin,” she informed me and I did as I was told.

There were no good distractions to occupy my time, so I found myself examining the building. The room was full of stain glass windows and high, painted ceilings. It looked like a church, and before today I’d only ever seen it from the outside gate. Inside it looked old, like the past was being preserve for as long as it could last. I guess I expected something different from our Leader’s Headquarters.

“Keegan,” a man stood before me, interrupting my gazing. He had big, intimidating eyes that protruded out of his face, but at same time a toothy smile that made up for any uneasiness his appearance might invoke. “Nice to meet you,” he put out his hand and I stood up to shake it. “Come along now. There is no time to wait,” he directed me to follow him.

I followed without saying anything for a while, but as soon as we got into the stairway I couldn’t hold in my curiosity any longer. “Why am I here?”

“You are here for a very important reason,” Edwin answered as he kept walking.

“Can’t you tell me more than that? Is it a good reason? Am I in trouble?”

Edwin stopped and looked back. “No sir, you’re not in trouble. It’s just not safe to tell you here.”

I knew he wasn’t lying. I’d always been good at deciphering when a person was and was not telling the truth. I always thought there was something in me that allowed me to sense out the truth, like some kind of human polygraph. It always kept me away from people’s fake intentions and the danger that came with trusting them.

Edwin brought me to a small square room with steel walls and a metal desk and had me sit down on one side. “He’s here,” he spoke into the phone without dialing a single number.

We waited in silence until the door opened revealing someone who hadn’t shown his face to the public in years. It was President Clark. “Hello Keegan,” he stated kindly as he sat down, but I was too shocked to say anything. “I imagine you’re very confused at why we brought you here, so I won’t make you wait any longer. Have you heard of the prophecy that explains how our world will be restored?”

I nodded.

“Well, after very careful study, we believe that you are the young man they speak of. You are the one the universe has chosen.”

I shook my head, “No, I think there has been a mistake. It can’t be me.” I’d never done anything brave enough to make me believe I could ever be hero in that story. It had to be someone else.

“My people don’t make mistakes,” the President shut me down, and I knew immediately that he wasn’t lying.

“But how,” I questioned as my heart speed up, knowing only how the prophecy ended and not what would lead me up to that point.

“You don’t what you’re capable of until you’re given the opportunity to test your limits. Let me prove it to you,” he explained before pushing a folder across the table.

Who is the chosen one?