Writing Prompt: Day 9


Day 9 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a love triangle where the main character feels forced by matters out of their control to pick one of the two options.

Shannon: “Choose,” was the word echoing in my head as I tossed and turned trying to fall asleep. They wanted an answer and they deserved an answer. How was I supposed to reveal that I already knew? All this time it wasn’t a choice, and I kept the knowledge hidden because I didn’t want to loose either of them.

Peyton was a perfect choice. She was the most beautiful girl in the school, and somehow, even with her flawless exterior, her interior contained even more to be sought after. I’d had enough study sessions with her to know her peers often underestimated her wisdom. Her jokes could command any crowd, and she was fearless in her execution, knowing exactly when everyone could use a laugh. She was also a very kind and forgiving soul, unless she felt the need to stand up for her neighbor, or herself. That’s why she didn’t’ hesitate when she demanded I choose between her and Hope, and give her my answer after our last class tomorrow.

Hope could go unnoticed in a crowd. There was nothing distinct about her appearance that made people want to take another look. She was smart in some subjects, but struggled in others. Her jokes were quirky, but not everyone appreciated them, so she kept them personally tailored to the people she knew would laugh, mostly me. I’d categorize her as gentle and kind. She took great care with anything she valued, and she placed the most importance on her relationships. Always taking full advantage of the time she was given with them, and always living in the moment. That’s why I figured she never asked if I was interested in something more, because it wouldn’t change her view of me.

If my heart could listen to any reason I would pick Peyton, but I only wanted Hope. I knew the first day she made me smile.  I knew by her eyes, not because they revealed anything about her specifically, but because I found myself lost in them at least once every single day. Her presence had a way of lighting a fire in me that reminded me I was alive. I liked the person I was when I was around her. There was never a choice.

Erin: I had massively ruined everything.

“Ready to go,” Mary’s smile was to my dismay just as breathtaking as ever.

“Yes,” I lied grabbing my gym bag.

Once we were in the car I had to concentrate even harder than normal not to take her hand in mine as she left it on the gears seeming to invite me to do just that. “You seem quiet today,” she finally stopped singing to the radio.

“I’m okay,” I couldn’t stop lying. I couldn’t admit that ride could be the last time we were co-pilots. I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I would never hear her singing with reckless abandon again. I felt telling the truth meant the last time my running high was boosted by her conversation was behind us. I was afraid I was losing the most precious person in my life, because I was.

“You promised never to lie to me. You promised I was different than Brittney,” she reminded cornering me in my deception.

“She’s pregnant,” I looked between my knees as she pulled to the side of the road. I suddenly felt like I might throw up.

“Who,” I wished I could turn a blind eye to her tears, but her voice showed me my mistake just fine.

“Brittney,” I choked out, suddenly unable to hold back.

There was a long silence, only interrupted by our uneven breathing. “How,” her voice was still higher, but she had gained some composure.

“What do you mean how,” I couldn’t go into detail.

“How far along is she?”

“About three weeks,” I whispered suddenly feeling the worlds judgments on me.

“I gave you time to figure out your living situation and let her down easy. It seems to me that you must have used that time to continue to sleep with her. How is that letting her down easy?” I slowly let my eyes raise to hers. Her face was the saddest sight I had ever seen.

“It’s not like I cheated on you,” I tried to salvage what glimmer of hope I possibly had left.

“Because I refused to be that woman and insisted we wait till you were a single man? I wasn’t giving you a free pass to continue your doomed relationship. I loved you,” the past tense stung. “I wouldn’t have done this to you.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, me too. Get out, I’m not driving you home,” she unlocked the car and stiffened into driving position. Her hands and arms were cemented to the wheel.

“I still want you, you’re still my future Mary,” I graveled.

“You’re going to be a father start acting like one,” as she looked straight ahead she could be indifferent to my pain.

“I can still be a part of the kid’s life. With you,” I couldn’t remove her from my vision. She was all I knew of love.

“You can’t be a part of mine. I don’t want to hear any more of your bullshit. I gave you too much credit. That sleaze ball that tried to kiss me that night, that’s who you have always been. You told me what I wanted to hear, but if any of that was true you wouldn’t have been able to do that with her,” She tried to reach over and open my door, but I couldn’t be that person. Not to her.

“You don’t understand,” I pulled her arm off, but she immediately slapped it into my stomach to shake my touch.

“Oh, believe me when I say I understand that you are an expecting father and I wasted my life waiting for you. Congratulations on the exciting news, go celebrate with your fiancée.”

In honor of The Bachelor Monday this seemed fitting. What would your story be?