Writing Prompt: Day 7


Day 7 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Incorporate these words- Rodent, Ethical, Birthmark

Erin: “I’m going to kill it,” Griffin said diving into the knife drawer far too calmly.

“What? No, let’s just set him free,” I pleaded slamming the drawer shut. It was too late his hand was already in and all I managed to do was slam his wrist.

“Are you looking to be next,” his irises flashed red then settled back into their natural purple.

“I’m sorry,” I spoke softly as not to set him off. He flashed his pointed teeth and breezed past me.

“He would die a slow painful death on his own,” his face hardened. “This is the right thing to do.”

“Griffin, giving him to someone who could care for him would be the most ethical. That is the right thing to do. Please spare him,” his lips draped back over to cover his teeth. “You love me, don’t you?”

“I’m doing this because I love you, he is not some rodent Rochel. He could be the end of our civilization,” he walked up until he was face to face with me. I allowed my eyes to look from his twisted birthmark to the one on our son. The blade of Griffin’s knife brushed my finger. He didn’t even notice as a drop of my blood dropped to the floor. He didn’t notice much of anything anymore. “I protect our land Rochel, you promised to do the same.”

“I did, and nowhere in our teachings was his impact prophesized to be detrimental. He could be the savior of land,” I sprinted past his shoulder while he was still under the impression I would never cross him. I snatched our yet to be categorized creature and bolted for the door by the time he caught on and began to follow me.

Shannon: “It’s not ethical to keep him here like this,” I heard the voices faintly from behind the closed door as I regained consciousness. I was too disoriented to panic as I racked my brain trying to figure out how I ended up in this dark room with only one dim purple light to reveal its features. Was I alone?

After I heaved my torso up quietly, and placed my bare feet on the cold floor, I paused again to listen and look around. My short-term memory was blank, and the last thing I could remember was watching a movie in biology the day before and seeing an image of a hideous rodent of some kind flash across the screen.

“You’re awake,” an old man’s voice wavered from somewhere in front of me. I searched around, but he was hiding in the darkness and my frantic head movements to find him were making me dizzy. “How are you feeling,” the voice questioned as it got closer.

“Where am I?” I rubbed my temple to soothe it.

“Answer my questions first and then I’ll answer yours,” he explained calmly.

“I feel like I was hit by a truck, and my mind feels hazy,” I gave in. “Now where am I?”

The man stepped forward in a lab coat clicking on a blinding light over his forehead not giving me enough time to make out any of his facial features. I had to close my burning eyes. The room was obviously dark for a reason.

“Sorry, but you will eventually have to get used to the light again. I find most patients prefer one painful exposure over many consecutive gradual healings. I believe it’s the mind’s anticipation that truly tortures the rest of the body,” he explained as if he was sharing a fun fact.

“Does that mean I’m in a hospital?” I asked as soon as the daggers in my eyes start to retreat just enough for me to think clearly again.

“Something like that,” the man was vague as I felt his palm on my forehead. “You’re fever is gone. I’d say you’re just in recovery, but let me take a peak at your arm just to make sure,” he rolled up my sleeve as I blinked through the burning pain of the light.

Red discolorations on my skin traced every vein in my arm like birthmarks. “What’s wrong with me,” I feared the worst.

“You’re transforming.”

When I started writing that (I’m Erin FYI) I had not pictured the story I would write at all. My original idea involved a mouse and fast food restaurant. Not sure where that came from? It’s fun surprising yourself, give it a shot.