Writing Prompt: Day 29

29.jpgDay 29 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about something unexpected coming through a character’s headphones.

Shannon: I laid down my blanket on a free patch of grass outside of my dorm. I was stuck inside doing homework earlier, and decided that going outside to finish it would at least give me a little sunshine on my back, fresh air to breathe, and something else to stare at besides my room’s four walls.

I laid down on my stomach right behind my computer and propped up my upper body by resting on my elbows. I plugged in my headphones and turned on my favorite radio station, so I wouldn’t have to choose from one of my over-played playlists.

Once I was happy with my set up, I pulled up a new document and started the introduction to my report. It was a slow but steady climb, and once in a while I got lost in watching the interactions around me. People-watching was always my weakness. I snapped out of it eventually and got back to typing but only about a minute later the song playing was cut off and a loud static puff was blasted into my ears.

The unexpected noise startled me enough to make me flinch, but instead of taking the ear buds out I just turned the volume down. I wanted to know if it was just the radio station, or if there was something wrong on my end. I was waiting for a sign as I checked my own audio configuration, only to find nothing. It had to be the radio station. Another static puff went on a little longer this time and then I heard the voices.

“Can I take the shot,” the voice questioned.

“Not yet, the target is not in place. Hold off until we get him in a more secure spot.”

There was silence, and I thought I was listening to something from a movie. Was the radio station pulling a prank I questioned myself, because this wasn’t funny, and this was going to freak people out if they turned off the station before it was over.

“Now,” the voice demanded and a loud bang went off. My heart stopped in the silence. I wanted to believe it was a prank and was waiting to hear them say, “got you”, but I couldn’t see how anyone would take it this far. “What’s the status? Are you there Red 764.”

There was another pause. “I’m here and he’s not breathing.”

“Good, continue as planned. You’re in the clear. Wait,” he sounded angry. “Someone hacked the line.”

“What do you mean,” the other voice sounded concerned. “Is it an agent? Can you track it,” the guy questioned frantically.

“I don’t think it’s an agent, it’s just one person, probably someone nearby. I just got their location. Let’s get this spy.”

I pulled out my headphones immediately and shut down my computer in a subconscious reaction. This wasn’t a sick joke. This was real. I begged that my computer wasn’t the one they were tracking, but knew I had to move fast without drawing attention to myself. I didn’t know what they would do when they found me, and I didn’t want to find out. The only problem: how do you hide from people who get away with murder?

Erin: “Liza, my album is done.”

Those were the words I had been waiting to hear from her sister for six long years. She was one who drug her feet on occasion, but the results were always well worth the wait. “Let me hear it,” I reached out for whatever she was going to give me.

She handed over her phone and her precious headphones she never let anyone use. “I hope you like it,” her eyes brightened by two hues.

“I can’t believe I get to listen with these,” the earphones were more valuable than my life so I gingerly brought them to rest on my ears.

Her smile grew as I pressed play, “Hello, Lynn. This is Bridget from Do Ray Me Music Agency. Please call me back. We have potentially exciting prospects to talk about.”

“Does this,” I started.

“I have representation for my album. This could be my big break,” a tear dropped from her eye as her smile reached heights never explored before.

“You let people listen to it before me,” I screamed.

“Just like a hundred,” she giggled.

“You jerk,” I slapped her arm, but then sprung up and held as tight as I could. If she was a bird I would have killed her. “I am so proud of you.”

Did your character hear that correctly? It’s up to you.